It’s very fair

100 of the world’s leading creatives will judge Cresta. They work independently. There is

no discussion, no politics. Just honest, expert assessment that you can trust. Some have said it’s

the fairest international test of creative work.


It has great categories

Cresta has 16 competitions covering everything from traditional media

to the latest technologies. All simply curated to make maximising your potential

for prize winning much easier.


It’s truly global

In Cresta’s history, we have had entries from more than 90 countries.

Winners of our Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Cresta trophies come from

every corner of the planet. Last year we handed out major trophies to agencies in

Egypt, the Philippines and Norway (to name but a few), as well as the US and UK.


It’s respected

This is what last year’s Jury Chair, TBWA Malaysia CCO Gigi Lee, said about us.

“Cresta has a no politics, no discussion judging system.

The show has a purely mathematical system,

and that’s why I respect it.

Tough selection, no games, and a panel of respected creatives.

The one job: Find the very best work from around the world,

and establish the absolute creative standard.”


We try harder

In the words of the famous ad campaign, we are trying harder.

This year, for example, we’ve added lots of little improvements

to make entering Cresta better for everyone.

Our new Entry Kit is state-of-the-art, you can now pay in various currencies and

we will even work with you to maximise your prize potential.


It’s good value

We have tried to ensure that entering Cresta is always good value,

and if you take advantage of our Early Bird and other offers

it is exceptional value for such a prestigious international award.


It’s a good investment

We want all entrants to get a good return on their investment,

whether or not you win a major prize.

So our website and our extensive new social media presence will feature

more of your work, more of your people and more about your agency.

We really do want to publish your articles, your ideas and your views.


We’re improving. Everything

Thanks to award-winning designer Fernando Gutierrez we’ve improved our look.

Now we’re busy making everything else better.

Above we told you how the awards themselves are improving, but we’re also

building a community that champions the value and importance of creativity,

via a host of events, content and partnerships.


We’re investing in Futures

Cresta Futures is our new series of initiatives to help next

generation creatives find the right career and into work.

We’re talking to agencies about our unique World Open Day when

students and young creatives can just turn up and find out how the world’s

best creative companies really operate.

There’s there’s the MentorMe programme and Portfolio Nights….


Awards with standards
Your standards

Cresta is now run by creatives, for creatives.

We understand what you do every day.

How challenging it is to excel rather than just be good.

How difficult it is to maintain the highest creative standards in everything you do.

That’s why we exist to inspire, recognise and reward your work.


Click here for our new Entry Kit.

Our Cresta Futures initiative is an exciting year round programme that connects you to potential creative stars of tomorrow.

To find out how you can get involved please contact us