All entries now free

In response to the pandemic and its effects on the financial position of so many creative companies, all entries in Cresta 2020 are now free.

We believe this is the best way to achieve our objective of truly recognising and promoting the best work this year, and doing this with a level playing field for all.

All those entrants from around the world who had paid for entries before we decided to become free have been offered a full refund.

For the full announcement, please click here.

The world-class 2020 creative showcase

We passionately believe that the best work this year - especially this year - deserves to be recognised in the current year.

That's why 100 senior award-winning creatives from around the world will, later this year, independently review and assess your work from the safety of Cresta's new online system introduced in 2019.

It may be a tough year, but there has been no lockdown on creativity. And we look forward to seeing an outstanding selection of work.

Cresta is highly respected

Winning at Cresta has been globally recognised as a highly significant and meaningful creative achievement for over 25 years. Winners include many of the world’s most iconic creative brands.

As David Lubars, global CCO at BBDO, says below, this reputation and status has been enhanced still further since our reboot in 2019.

Fair judging

The Cresta jury system is arguably the fairest and most impartial. Over 100 top creatives from across the globe vote independently. No politics. No favouritism. Just honest, expert assessment you can trust.

Global coverage

This year we expect entries from around 60 countries. Our impartial judging system encourages entries from smaller countries (and smaller agencies) as well as the major powerhouses of North America, Europe and Asia. Anyone can win at Cresta if their work is good enough.

  • “Cresta has recently revamped, enhanced and bettered its competition.
    It's a great feeling to have been recognised under these more challenging guidelines.”

    David Lubars

  • “Cresta stands out as truly global in its values, with no fear or favour in how it is judged. This enables it to produce a fairly chosen, and great to view, set of winners.”

    Anna Qvennerstedt

  • “It's an honour to be given the inaugural Cresta Independent Network of the Year award, and from such an internationally respected creative standards organisation.”

    Jason Romeyko

Innovative categories

For 2020 we are introducing new categories such as Long Term Creativity and Brand Purpose that reflect the issues and opportunities in the industry today. They join innovative new categories such as The Future and ‘Wish we’d thought of that’ which were so popular in 2019.

Our new Creative Business awards celebrate the culture, workplace and activism that are such important elements of the best creative offices.

Sustainable and responsible

We are committed to running the most environmentally responsible creative awards. We don’t fly hundreds of jurors or delegates half way round the world for our events. We use state-of-the-art technology to work collaboratively.

A good investment

Winning an award should give you more than just a nice warm feeling and another trophy for reception. It should help grow your business. That’s why we work round the year to deliver an outstanding ROI on your entries into Cresta.

In Q1 2020, for example, we’ll launch our first ever International Review of Creative Standards which will be marketed to clients around the world and feature many of our winners as well as coverage of the most important issues affecting the industry today.

Run by creatives

Unlike many awards, Cresta is actually run by creative people. Both the President and CEO have had award-winning creative careers covering advertising, digital and print.

It’s a senior team that truly understands what it means to win an award and how awards can build both careers and agencies.

More than awards

‘Brand purpose’ isn’t just the latest fashionable phrase to us. It’s at the very heart of the rebooted Cresta. Awards are only the most visible part of Cresta. We look to support inspirational, stimulating and educational events.

We are working on long-term initiatives to bring a wider demographic into the creative industries. And we are committed to championing the value of creativity to society as well as industry.