How long have you been working from home?
Two weeks and counting. I am an ECD and mother to a hyperactive seven-year-old boy who is super-stoked to have his parents at home 24/7. Well, at least until now, tomorrow he may feel otherwise.

How do you separate work life from home life?
Frankly, there is no separation. You just deal with whatever is coming your way. Sometimes I am on video calls with my son making silly faces from across the room, and sometimes I am making silly faces at him…of course, with camera mode off.
Homework and ideation happen side-by-side. Lunch break and family lunches have become one.

So you always break for lunch?
Yes, a routine is most important. I am following office hours to keep myself sane. I get ready, breakfast and sit down with my laptop in my work nook, while my husband does the same. We break for lunch, eat together, discuss who is doing the dishes, force my son to have some greens, and get back to work.

How do you manage teams and/or a department from home?
Surprisingly, with all the technology around us it isn’t that difficult. I feel everyone is trying to step up, perform extra, in these times.

How do clients respond to the new way of working?
The entire human raceis  in the same boat. Clients understand the constraints as they too are going through the same.

Do you have a favourite track that helps you work?
No, but I have an unwinding playlist that I turn on at the end of the day. Chauffez, Baaba Maal, Jungle, and Farida Khanum.

Any tips for creatives trying to create good work at home?
Channel those feelings. This is the time to turn your feelings into creativity. Work can also be a refuge for a hyper-active mind that’s constantly looking at the news and the stats.