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POL's Grand Prix winning Audi

From simple sandbox to stunning VR experience.

POL's Grand Prix winning AUDI

As a child, we all enjoyed playing in the sand.

Now, a simple sandbox has been turned into VR fun for adults and children alike.

Tasked with creating a unique installation to promote the new Audi Q5, POL creatives

Thorbjorn Ruud (AD) and Petter Bryde (CW) came up with The Sandbox Experience.

Participants create their own track in a sandbox which is then scanned and rendered into a VR world.

To replicate every bump and curve, an infrared camera captures the sand track at over 200,000 points and creates a 3D model that can be experienced via a VR chair and Oculus Rift headset.

The experience closely replicates that of driving a Q5, including both the feel of an Audi steering wheel and the sounds of a real engine.

According to Tommy Jensen to Audi Norway, "this was the most successful campaign from Audi Norway ever."

Although just a single installation, the project gained massive media coverage both inside and outside Norway. There have been over 4 million views of the video, and thousands have now enjoyed the actual experience of making their own challenging off-road track for Audi's new 4x4.

POL worked with the VR team at production company Mediamonks to create The Sandbox Experience, and after touring Audi dealerships it is now installed at the car maker's museum.

Installed at POL's Oslo offices is a much deserved Cresta Grand Prix.

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