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As the industry begins to recover from the worst of the pandemic, Cresta considers how it can help

Vaccines have given us hope that Covid-19 will gradually be brought under control. And that soon we will begin to return to a form of normality.

But how ‘normal’ should any new post-virus world actually look?

Isn’t this an opportune moment to reassess and recalibrate, to make it a better normal we return to?

We hope so.

Creativity will be key in shaping any new future, as countries rebuild their economies, create employment and tackle issues such as the environment, food poverty and social injustice.

And so it’s more important than ever that the vital role and value of creativity is both celebrated and promoted.

To provide better support for your work, we believe it’s time that awards festivals reassessed their future.

Is there still (if there ever was) any excuse for bloated fees that can exceed $1000 for a single entry at some events?

In a post-Covid world, and one where climate change needs to be tackled with greater intensity, we question how jetting around to festival shindigs makes sense, for personal and planetary health.

What we need are awards that are well-communicated, that focus on supporting entrants, current and future, through promoting the best. That do this fairly and effectively. At a fair price.

In 2021 Cresta is committed to delivering the highest standards and tangible value in return for your investment in creativity.

On fees, judging, responsiveness, winner promotion, creative benchmarking and ranking, we will set ourselves the highest standards in the industry.

Our carbon footprint will be as close as possible to zero. Our gender and ethnicity balance will be continuously reviewed and improved. And our commitment to helping your business grow and improve will be unrivalled.

After all, if we’re going to judge your creative standards, we’d better have some high standards of our own.

Alan Page
President, Cresta

Lewis Blackwell
CEO, Cresta

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