As the Covid-19 pandemic brings havoc to the working lives of millions, Cresta asked leading industry figures to tell us about their #newnormal. Judite lives and works in Portugal’s capital, normally a bustling hub for the country’s booming economy. How’s working from home working out for Judite?

How long have you been working from home?
It’s two weeks and four days now since we at VMLY&R Lisbon started working from home.
How do you separate work life from home life in this 'New Normal’?
I think it has been easier on me because my children are now almost adults, so I can work uninterrupted (well, not much anyway).
It’s still difficult to separate work and home. I took over a big room at my house that is now simultaneously my office, my gym and, since it has a door to the garden, my outdoors also.
We in Portugal have been self-isolating for two weeks now. I find there is lots of work and even more meetings, everything is a video call, which at the same time is nice because you get to see your co-workers.
Do you break for lunch?
I try to break for lunch but sometimes it only happens at 3pm. Salads and fruit for lunch for vitamins and because dinner is family time and tends to be heavier. My husband and I take turns in cooking.
How do you manage teams and the department from home?
We have a 10am meeting everyday with creative directors and client managers so that everyone is on the same page and each project is handled in specific team groups.
Are clients responding well to the new way of working?
Quite well. Connection at a higher level has been easier. We are working on several special projects and presentation and almost immediate approval has been the rule. I could get used to this :).
Do you have a favourite track that works for you when working at home?
I have a playlist on Spotify which I call Sounds of Work that includes Tom Waits, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and also lots of Bach. That crazy mixture keeps me going.
Any tips for creatives trying to create work at home?
Remember, boredom is the mother of creativity.