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Cresta 2024 


Key Dates

  • Open for entries
  • Super Early Bird
  • Mid-Season Special
  • Standard Rate
  • Entries close
  • Judging 
  • Winners Announced 
  • 14 February
  • 14 Feb - 14 April
  • 15 April -  31 May
  • 1 June - Closing
  • 20 July
  • August
  • 26 September


  • Super Early Bird*
  • Single entry 
  • Campaign entry 
  • Mid-Season Special*
  • Single entry 
  • Campaign entry 
  • Standard Rate
  • Single entry 
  • Campaign entry 
  • 14 Feb - 14 April
  • $345
  • $645
  • 15 April - 31 May
  • $445
  • $745
  • 1 June - Closing
  • $545
  • $845

How to enter 

Entering the Cresta Awards 2024 is simple and straightforward. The first step is to register here.

Once registered, you will be able to login at any time and make, amend and pay for entries right up until the final closing date. (If you entered in 2023 or 2022, you can simply login using the same username/password.)

When you are ready to start entering work, just login and our Entry System will guide you through the process.          

If you have any problems or questions, please contact our team at and we will try to help as quickly as possible.
There is an Entry Kit you can download here if you want to circulate details to colleagues.

The awards

In each category and sub-category there is the potential to win Gold, Silver or Bronze Cresta Awards. There is no artificial limit to the number of these awards.

It is all about the quality of work. 

Awards are given only on the basis of achieving a high average across our Jury that represents the best creative standards of this year’s entries.

We only award our ultimate prize, a Cresta Grand Prix, to exceptional work scoring very high averaged marks. These are rare, but are only limited in quantity by the standards of work submitted. The higher the creative standards, the more Grand Prix we award.

Anyone credited on a winning entry will be entitled to order one of our coveted and sustainably-made trophies.

One Grand Prix, Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy per winning entry is shipped free of charge to entrants. Additional trophies may be ordered via

A Shortlist trophy is available and may be ordered at the Cresta shop (link above).

Our trophies are made to order in a craft workshop and can take two to three months to arrive following the winners announcements. 

Judging process

Cresta is unlike other awards in that it has a semi-permanent Grand Jury of very carefully selected senior industry leaders from all over the world.

Each year we refresh the jury with a particular emphasis on gender and ethnic balance. By the time judging starts, over 120 of the world’s brightest and best will be ready to review your entries.

Because they are in significant part a permanent jury they are able to track the industry’s developing creative standards (from which the name Cresta derives) and maintain the highest standards in their judging.

Also, unlike most other awards, our jury members work separately to assess submissions. There is no group discussion, and no chance of politics or group pressure affecting the results. Every entry is assessed on ‘a level playing field’. We believe this makes for the fairest system.

The jury’s Shortlist will be announced early September, followed by our reveal of the Winners in late September.


The main categories including advertising, digital, design, brand content, experiential, ambient, direct, social, technology and others, together with related craft categories. In many categories there is also the option to enter a Campaign of up to six items.

We continually tune our categories. Recent additions include Social Impact, Brand Storytelling and Start-Up Launch, plus sub-categories such as Production Design in Film Craft, and AI-assisted creativity in our super-innovation category, The Future. 

If you are unsure which category to enter for any of your work, or even want to make a case for us to expand categories, please contact our team at

To see the full list of categories, please click here.


Our fees are charged in US$.

We accept payment by credit, charge or debit card, but at checkout there is also the option to pay by bank transfer. No work will be accepted into the competition until full payment is received. Card transactions will be subject to a 3% processing fee, and bank transfers to a fee of $45.

Please note that UK entries will be subject to VAT @20%.

What is a Pre-Order Entry?

This unique feature of Cresta enables you to purchase 'blank' entries during our discount Super Early Bird or Mid-Season periods, and then complete the entries at any time right up to closing.

It means you can take advantage of lower fees even if work is either not yet ready to enter, or you haven't quite decided what to enter.

To purchase one or more of these entries, just choose Pre-Order at the Category Selection stage after login. You can choose either a single or campaign entry. 

Once you've purchased your 'blank' entries all you have to do is contact us when you are ready to upload your entries and we will switch your pre-ordered entries to the categories you have chosen, and then you can complete the entries as normal.

It's simple and could save you a considerable amount on entry fees.

Does your work qualify?

  1. Work submitted must have been published, broadcast or released between 1 January 2023 and 31 July 2024.
  2. It must have been commissioned by, created for and approved by a client. Work that has previously won or been shortlisted cannot be re-entered.
  3. It must have appeared in a commercial or public environment.
  4. We cannot accept any work specifically made for this or any other competition.
  5. Work must be submitted as it appeared, and not altered in any way for the purposes of competition.
  6. If a judge raises questions about the validity of any work, you will be required to provide evidence to support the entry.

Who can enter?

  1. Any client, creative agency, digital agency, design company, production company, post- production company, or individual professional may enter.
  2. Where the work is a collaborative effort by more than one agency in a network, this can be acknowledged in the credits. Or, if more than one agency wishes to enter the item and have their name as the entrant, they must enter separately and each pay the appropriate fee.
  3. If more than one company enters a piece of work and that work goes on to be shortlisted or win an award, all entrants will be equally credited and featured in any publicity.

Who should you credit?

Cresta is dedicated to recognising great creative talent. So credits should primarily be used to identify the main originators of the idea or the execution

Our entry system will guide you through all other credits. And we are delighted to recognise everyone who has contributed to the work.

You can add to or amend credits at any time up until the closing date.

What about rights?

  1. By entering these awards you have assigned us Rights to use your entry for publicity and to hold the entered assets in our archive.
  2. This publicity may include social media, editorial - print, online and broadcast, on and offline advertising and use on our websites, and the websites of our brand partners.
  3. If any entry includes licensed music, you should make sure that you or your client is able to assign us the Right to use that music for both the awards and any publicity purposes.
  4. Unless specifically otherwise requested, Cresta archives all shortlisted and winning entries and may make them available to view via our website or partner websites operated by Creative Standards International Limited. Cresta reserves the right to retain all and any submitted entry and potentially use it to publicise the awards and Cresta work.
  5. If you want certain elements of your entry to only be available to the Jury, and not on public view, you should let us know as soon as possible. This particularly applies if your work is chosen for the shortlist or wins a trophy. We cannot take responsibility for any information/video/music/material you submit being used without the appropriate permissions.
  6. As the entrant, and in the event of any dispute over usage, you agree to indemnify Creative Standards International Limited against any liability and/or costs related to its use of your entry material.

What ‘assets’ will you need?

We want every entry to look as good as it possibly can when it arrives on the judging screen. So please follow the guidelines below, wherever possible. If you are unsure about anything or wish to discuss other formats etc, please contact us. All entries must be made online. We do not accept any ‘physical’ entries.


  1. Should be entered as an MOV or MP4
  2. Any entry over 5 mins in length should be accompanied by a video case study (max 3 mins).
  3. Non-English language entries should be dubbed or sub-titled in English.
  4. Campaign entries should be uploaded as separate files
  5. Entries must have been aired in a commercial or public environment in the form submitted.
  6. The names of entrants, production companies or agencies must not appear at any point on the uploaded file.
  7. Specifications for entries as follows:
    Resolution: Standard Definition Source Material minimum: 720 x 480
    High Definition Source Material: 1920 x 1080
    Frame Rate: Original Frame Rate (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94, 60)
    Codec: H264 or Mpeg4
    Best Quality Data Rate: Minimum 5,000kbps / Maximum 10,000kbps
    Sound: AAC 48KHz File size: 1 GB maximum 


  1. Single item entries should be uploaded as a JPEG.
  2. Campaign entries should be uploaded as separate JPEGs
  3. Video/slide case studies, where appropriate, should be uploaded as MOV or MP4. (3 mins max).
  4. Entries must have appeared in a commercial or public environment in the form submitted any point on the uploaded file.
  5. Non-English language entries should be accompanied by an English translation, uploaded with the entry.
  6. The names of entrants, production companies or agencies must not appear at any point on the uploaded file.
  7. Specifications for entries as follows:
    Specs for JPEG uploads: Resolution: Landscape Images: Approx. 2400 x 3000 pixels Portrait Images: Approx. 3000 x 2400 pixels 300 dpi Equivalent to 203mm x 254mm (8 in x 10 in) Color Mode: RGB File size: 25 MB maximum


  1. Single entries or digital components of integrated campaigns etc must be entered as a URL.
  2. If the entered item is no longer live, you should submit a URL directed to a landing page containing links to the work.
  3. The work must be submitted in the form originally available to consumers/target.
  4. You should supply all relevant User Names & Password.
  5. If necessary, your landing page should contain an English language translation and any other material to assist judging.
  6. Entries should not show the names of entrants unless it is an integral part.

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