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Wildlife Watch - Samsung

Wildlife Watch - Samsung - Samsung


Title of Entry: Wildlife Watch
Brand: Samsung
Product/Service: Samsung
Client: Samsung
Entrant Company: Edelman UK & Ireland
Creative Team: 1. Anouska Ruane, Director of Communications & Events Europe, Samsung
2. Camilla Barrett, Brand Communications Manager, Samsung
3. Stefan Ronge, Chief Creative Officer, Edelman
4. Mattias Ronge, Chief Creative Officer, Edelman
5. Miranda Mitchell, Client Strategist, Edelman
6. Nicki Cooper, Earned Lead, Edelman
7. Denesh Agnihotri, Associate Creative Director, Edelman
8. Anuj Shah Associate Creative Director, Edelman
9. Martin Jon Adolfsson, Creative Director, Edelman
10. Prinolon Govender, Creative Director, Edelman South Africa
11. Myles Cameron, Tech Director, Edelman
12. Steve Malkerty, Head of Design, Edelman
13. Greg Hemes, Producer, Edelman
14. Fernando April, Producer, Edelman South Africa
15. Peter Norris, Project Manager, Edelman
16. Claire Fraser, Project Director, Edelman
17. Kirsten Mackenzie, Associate Director, Edelman
18. Penny Lipsham, Digital Planning Director, Edelman
19. Renato Ivaldi, Digital Associate Director, Edelman
20. Melita Watt, Business Affairs, Edelman
Sector: N/A
Notes: Background:

The Samsung Frame TV has a magical duality. It’s a 4K TV designed to double as an art frame, that can display beautiful works of art.

In Europe though, the TV category is super generic. It’s all about comparing tech specifications so the only difference people see is price.

We needed to move Samsung from being seen as a manufacturing business to a culturally relevant brand that inspires curiosity.

• Drive earned attention through cultural, engaging, authentic, newsworthy stories that genuinely link to the product

• PR: help reach a more consumer-centric, less technical audience, e.g. broader lifestyle media

• Appeal to a younger (Gen Z) audience to stand out from competitors, driving brand differentiation

• Multi-market to resonate across multiple European countries


How could we highlight this incredible feature in a way that would be surprising or inspiring enough to earn real attention?


We discovered that there is more art missing around the world than there is showing in all of the world’s museums combined. The Samsung Frame TV doubles as an art frame.

What if the TV designed to bring art into our homes could help bring lost art back to the world?

Creative Idea:
We created ‘Missing Masterpieces’; the world’s first art exhibition for finding lost art.

Together with a world leading art crime historian, we exhibited a collection of 12 digitized iconic lost artworks on Samsung Frame TVs in homes and online, in over 30+ European countries.

Then we invited the world to help in the search to find these lost treasures.

The campaign would capture imaginations all across Europe and to showcase the Samsung Frame TV’s key differentiating feature, while inviting a more meaningful role in people’s lives.

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