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THE PENGUIN AND THE WHALE - 2030 SDGs - United Nations-2030 SDGs MP4 2m:14s

THE PENGUIN AND THE WHALE - United Nations-2030 SDGs
2030 SDGs

THE PENGUIN AND THE WHALE - United Nations-2030 SDGs - 2030 SDGs


Brand: United Nations-2030 SDGs
Product/Service: 2030 SDGs
Client: United Nations / Tencent
Entrant Company: Tencent
Creative Team: 1. General Manager: Vincent Li

2. Executive Creative Director: Akae Wang

3. Script and Copywriter: Akae Wang

4. Script and Copywriter: Zita Zou

5. Art Director: Ken Lin

6. Assistant Art Director: Sonja Xu

7. Agency Producer: Ahjan Huang

8. Project Director: Derek Song

9. Project Manager: Nina Lin

10. Project Manager: Susieshan Li

11. Executive Producer: Katherine Lee

12. Producer: Roy Zhang

13. Executive Producer: Ivan Faerman

14. Creative Director: Nando Correa

15. Creative Technologist: Addie Hao

16. Producer: Ruby Valls

17. Director: Ezequiel Torres

18. Director: Pablo Rafael Roldan
Submission Text: The short film generated much attention and discussion following its release on WeChat. During this time, we initiated the dialogue event through our online meeting platform to encourage young participants to make their own proposals. The event, also known as “Chinese Youth Dialogue on the Future”, culminated when Youth Representatives engaged with 11 UN Representatives in live dialogue sessions. In order to reach out to wider audiences, the event was also live-streamed and had in total 13 million viewers following. It successfully added the voices of Chinese youth to the 2030 Agenda for SGDs during the pandemic.
The animated short received over 40 million views online, and was recommended by the UN on the front page of its official site. Thanks to the film’s widespread promotion, more than 700,000 young participants signed up for the series activities of "Chinese Youth Dialogue on the Future". The short film was also actively covered by 83 media outlets, totaling about 10 million earned media coverage. Joint reports initiated by five state-run media generated 60 million exposures. The film was also chosen as one of September’s global Top 5 by Adforum, a leading site in the creative industry.
Sector: N/A
Notes: In the aftermath of Covid-19, the entire country was suffering from the impact of the epidemic, which triggered the desire of most Chinese to prove that the Chinese are still part of the world's citizens and can benefit the world. This campaign gives an outlet to that desire at this critical point.
In August 2020, the United Nations told an animated story with a tragic ending to all Chinese students to reveal the 2030 global agenda we all face. Through the use of creative communication, the sweet and touching story was used to illustrate to the public the importance of environmental protection, which is widely considered by many to be one of the priorities under the Sustainable Development Goals.

Animation communicates in an easy-to-understand way, especially for the younger generation. Rather than harshly blaming humans for the harm their actions have caused, it resonates with the public and has a greater effect among the Chinese. You can save our planet, you know where to go.

Leveraging the one-billion user WeChat platform for promotion, the short film called for Chinese youth to engage in dialogue on the future. Thanks to Tencent’s efforts in maximizing the PR resources, the initiative was elevated to state media. The support and acknowledgement from the government brought it further into the limelight and sparked hot discussion among youth.
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