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Tencent WE Summit

MICRO UNIVERSE - Tencent - Tencent WE Summit


Title of Entry: MICRO UNIVERSE
Brand: Tencent
Product/Service: Tencent WE Summit
Client: Tencent
Entrant Company: Tencent
Creative Team: General Manager: Vincent Li
Executive Creative Director: Akae Wang
Copywriter: Zita Zou
Art Director: Ivy Huang
Art Director: Dong Xie
Editor: Sonja Xu
Agency Producer: Ahjan Huang

Other Credits: Brand Director: Hunter Zhang
Project Director: Nichole Yu
Project Manager: Junhao Ma
Executive Producer: Katherine Lee
Digital Producer: Roy Zhang
Creative Director : Nando Correa
Creative Designer: Addie Hao
3D Artist: Florian DKS
3D Modeler: Kosta Lagis
Front End Developer: Ethan Chiu
Front End Developer: YiWen Lin
Notes: The brief:
Every year the greatest minds in science gather at Tencent’s WE Summit. In this year, the theme was 'everything has its own micro-universe. We created an online experience, allowing attendees and the audience at home to explore the micro-universe all around them.
We wanted the users to experience this interactive project before they joined the WE Summit online stream. At the same time, changing their perception of science as artistic, beautiful, and fun.

The strategy:
We want to target the general public, especially the younger group, next-generation, to bring up the curiosity of science with an artistic, fun interacting experience.
The mobile phone is the essential tool that we live on, we developed our project based on the mobile end which allows almost everyone to be able to reach this project and to know about our WE Summit. With users’ public post to generate more visitors to the experience.

The execution
We developed this project in an artistic way possible, also involved in some real science, dust, particle...etc. To fit in this science conference theme, we used space dark as the main color, then integrated it with some metal color to make it scientific but also artistic. Our Micro-universe also, combine liquid physics into the constructing code segment. So each micro-universe will be dynamic and unique for each one. For all the elements and icon animation we choose to make it simple and understandable by the general user in China so no one will get lost in this science space.

The result:
This experience has reached 8 million users and generated 1.5 million unique views of over 500 thousand micro-universe. The average user experiencing time has reached almost 3 minutes which is many times higher than a normal h5 event in the Chinese market.
At the same time, it converted almost 2 million views online, making this year’s WE Summit an even greater success.
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