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The Collection of Tomorrow - Bergans of Norway
Outdoor Apparel

The Collection of Tomorrow - Bergans of Norway - Outdoor Apparel


Title of Entry: The Collection of Tomorrow
Brand: Bergans of Norway
Product/Service: Outdoor Apparel
Client: Bergans of Norway
Entrant Company: POL
Creative Team: Copy Writer: Rikke Jacobsen
Art Director: Sara Marie Hødnebø
Art Director: Anette Bellika Finnanger
Account Director: Marius Eriksen
Accoount Manager: Tone Bøygård
Designer: Pia Emillie Lystad
Designer: Ole Jacob Bøe Skattum
Other Credits: Client, Creative Brand Manager: Robert Arntsen
Client, Brand Director: Ronny Hammer
Sector: N/A
Notes: The Collection of Tomorrow by Bergans of Norway
- The worlds first collection where you own the resource instead of the products.

• Launch the backpack «Bergans X Spinnova» – the first product in the world made entirely out of cellulose from trees.
• Strengthen the position of Bergans as a sustainable and innovative brand through their "Future Lab" and the collaboration with Spinnova.
• Only 25 backpacks made, sold in store and online, and the first batch acts as a symbol, proof and commitment of Bergans ambitions to produce in a more sustainable way.

Spinnova is a textile fibre that is 100% circular: A Fabric made of cellulose from trees that can be remade into new products. The whole process is completely free of harmfull chemicals.

The target audience must be willing to pay for the backpack, but also return it after use so the fabric can be recycled and tested by Bergans Future Labs. How can we differentiate this product even more from competitors and their products made from recyclable fabrics?

Instead of focusing on just the backpack, we launched the concept «The Collection of Tomorrow»: By buying the backpack from this collection you not only buy a backpack, but a piece of fabric that can become indefinite products in the future. So instead of making a campaign about a recyclable backpack, we made it possible for customers to be a part-owner of one of the pieces in «The Collection of Tomorrow». A way for customers to own the resource and whatever it can be, rather than just an item.

The price was 1500 NOK/ 180$ for the piece of fabric (formed as a backpack). You can use the backpack as long as you’d like, when you don’t want it any more you can simply return it and have it made into a new item from the collection, or get your money back. This way we made the backpack into a symbol and an idea of a more sustainable.

Since there was only 25 backpacks everyone had to apply to buy one. A few days into the campaign we had to close own the application form.
The applicants had one thing in common. A huge interest in nature, sustainability and a common hope of a more circular economy.

The Government in Norway and the Minster of Climate and Environment invited Bergans to discuss possible political solutions to the circular economy, based on The Collection of Tomorrow.

The owners of the backpack can now recycle it into an anorak (outdoor jacket). Bergans are also parallel to this, launching a shirt with 3000 items. The collaborator Hally Stevensen is adding colors to the products, while the products remain 100% recyclable and chemical free. This will allow Bergans to give the products a more commercial look.

The Collection of Tomorrow is now on the brink of commercialization. A natural next step would be to trademark «The Collection of Tomorrow». But Bergans has decided not to. If The Collection if Tomorrow turns out to be a greater commercial success, they will share the technology with all their competitors. Because it might be the solution to Bergan's goal: A more sustainable fashion industry.

Proving Bergan's vision of: Believe in Tomorrow. Explore Today.
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