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MVM Future Talks Print - Power Company - MVM JPG
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MVM Future Talks Print - MVM
Power Company

MVM Future Talks Print - MVM - Power Company


Title of Entry: MVM Future Talks Print
Brand: MVM
Product/Service: Power Company
Client: MVM Group Ltd.
Entrant Company: Lounge Group
Creative Team: Art Director: Balázs Gyutai
Copywriter: Bálint Simon
Creative Director: Péter Radovics
Project Manager: Kitti Dorogi
Other Credits: Client Service Director: Dániel Sperczel
Brand manager (client): Dániel Fáber
Notes: Future Talks is a tech oriented online discussion show hosted by the hungarian energy provider, MVM. The topic of the first show was the influence of AI on our society. We needed to create a campaign to promote this exciting and extraordinary event.

We've deep dreamed the key visual using an image of some sheep, and ran it through Google's original deep dream algorithm. This way we obtained the answer to Philip K. Dick's question "Do androids dream of electric sheep?' by asking a neural network to dream about sheep. Technical detail: We used another neural network based algorithm to scale the image to a printable resolution (Adobe Preserve Details 2.0).
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