15: CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY (Creative use of Data)

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Swipe Night - Tinder

Swipe Night - Tinder - Tinder


Title of Entry: Swipe Night
Brand: Tinder
Product/Service: Tinder
Client: Tinder
Entrant Company: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Creative Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Judging URL: https://tinderswipenight-entry.com/
Sector: N/A
Chief Creative Officer: Co-Founders / Creative Chairman: John Boiler/Glenn Cole
Account Manager: Brand Director: Shannon Reed Brand Manager: Brittany Allen Brand Manager: Alise Murray
Creative Director: ECD: Matt Murphy
Date of Release: 2019-10-06
Notes: Tinder, the pioneer of dating apps, launched in 2012 as a modern alternative to existing overly-complex desktop options. Through its revolutionary mobile-first UX and introduction of the now universally recognized swipe, it quickly became the leading platform for young people to connect.

But after seven years, Tinder was facing steep competition from other dating apps and user fatigue. For digitally native Gen Z, swiping on Tinder amounted to a mindless pastime, not an engaging way to meet and connect with other young people. While we contemplated creating a traditional marketing campaign to shift perceptions, but realized the most powerful tool for resetting their relationship with Tinder was Tinder itself.

Swipe Night is a first-of-its-kind, live-action, interactive miniseries produced and engineered to live solely inside the Tinder app where you make a series of choices that drive the story forward and impact who you can match with. The choices are the key: while fun on the surface, they reveal something deep about your personality, give you a pool of more compatible users to choose from, and serve as icebreakers after the experience. For example, will you save the frightened puppy or the injured girl? You only have seven seconds to decide.

By bringing entertainment into the app to engineer compatibility, Swipe Night is a brand new way for people to match and connect. It was made to instill excitement and intention back into Tinder and ended up pushing the online dating industry forward.

Because of the interactive nature of this experience and its branching narrative, each 5-8 minute episode required shooting 15-20 minutes worth of content. This four-part miniseries was built by an unprecedented team including Gen Z creators, Tinder engineers who enabled in-app streaming video for the first time, and a game designer who crafted a branching narrative with thousands of plotlines, blending interactive storytelling with Tinder’s iconic swipe feature. It’s a game-changing hybrid of entertainment, marketing, dating, and technology.

Swipe Night created a cultural moment that disrupted the norms of dating, entertainment & beyond, reclaiming Tinder’s throne as the dating-app innovator.

Millions tuned in.
More viewers than the entire 2018/2019 seasons of some of TV’s most popular shows, including Saturday Night Live & The Bachelorette
The premiere had 4x the viewership of the pilot episode of HBO’s Gen Z hit Euphoria

It enhanced their Tinder experience.
26% increase in matches over a typical Sunday night
12% increase in messages among matches in the US

Culture took notice in a big way.
4 billion earned impressions
1640% spike in Twitter mentions of Tinder upon release
Dubbed everything from “Product? Experience? TV Show?” to “The Future of Dating” reinforcing its first-of-its-kind and hard-to-classify nature
Designer: Frank Dresme/Stephanie Morgan
Production Company: M ss ng P eces
Art Director: Marcus Yuen/Sara Meinecke
Copywriter: Reilly Baker/Emilie Able
Other Credits: Tinder: Chief Executive Officer: Elie Seidman/Chief Marketing Officer: Jenny Campbell/Chief Communications Officer: Jenny McCabe/Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing: Amy Wiedemann/Product Lead: Kyle Miller/Product Designer: Stephanie Liang/Sr. Product Designer: Brooke Hollabaugh/Motion Designer: Lisa Cai/Engineering Lead: Josh Gafni/VP, Special Initiatives: Paul Boukadakis /Sr. Counsel: Laura Michel
Other Credits: Executive Producers and Writers: Nicole Delaney & Brandon Zuck
Other Credits: Director of Production: Kate Morrison /Sr. Film Producer: Leah Karabenick /Film Producer: Brooke Casler /EP Interactive: Andrew Abraham/Executive Art Producer: Ali Berk /Art Producer: Juanita Valencia
Other Credits: Director of Partnerships and Legal: Rebecca Williams Partnerships and Legal Director: Charissa Kinney Partnerships and Legal Sr. Manager: Christopher Profeta Partnerships and Legal Jr. Manager: Tasha Wong
Other Credits: Executive Strategy Director: Kelly Schoeffel Sr. Strategist: Miné Cakmak Sr. Communications Strategist: Kimber Bowman Sr. Social Strategist: Matt Augustin Jr. Strategist: Zach Wright
Other Credits: Director: Karena Evans Director of Immersive, ECD: Mike Woods Founder, Managing Partner: Ari Kuschnir Managing Partner: Kate Oppenheim Managing Partner: Brian Latt Executive Producers: Edward Grann, Executive Producers: Dave Saltzman Producer: Jason Reif Head of Production: Rebecca Davis Head of Post Production: Josh Sussman Creative Technologist: Will Kanellos Director of Photography: Carolina Costa Production Designer: Sue Tebbutt
Other Credits: EDITORIAL: CABIN Editor: Taylor Walsh + Randy Baublis Managing Partner: Carr Schilling Executive Producer: Remy Foxx Executive Producer: Adam Becht Producer: Cassie Hulen
Other Credits: Mix and Sound Design: Q Dept
Other Credits: VFX & COLOR: MPC Creative Director of MPC - Michael Gregory Executive Producer - VFX - Elexis Stearn Lead Compositor - Andre Arevalo Colourists - Ricky Gausis, Dimitri Zola, Kristopher Smale Executive Producer - Color - Meghan Lang Senior Producer - Warwick Hewett
Other Credits: CDMX Production Services: Catatonia / Producer: Rabbit Foot Productions LLC
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