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Taking 'GIRLS' out of Beyoncé's "Run the World" - DNB Bank
Investment Banking

Taking 'GIRLS' out of Beyoncé's


Title of Entry: Taking 'GIRLS' out of Beyoncé's "Run the World"
Brand: DNB Bank
Product/Service: Investment Banking
Client: DNB Bank
Entrant Company: TRY
Creative Agency: TRY
Art Director: Eirik Sørensen, Egil Pay, Anette Bellika Finnanger, Thea Bjørndal Iversen
Copywriter: Caroline Riis
Account Executive: Kristina Skogen Tangeraas & Arne Eggen
Production Company: NewLand
Producer: Erik Torell
Date of Release: 2019-09-13
Director: Sheila Johansson
DOP: Sophia Olsson
Notes: To spark an important conversation about economic gender equality, DNB (Norways largest bank) got Beyoncé's approval to remove the word 'Girls' from her most iconic song "Run the World".
Editor: Emma Backman
Sound Engineer: Ellinor Nilsson
Music Company: Ohlogy
Other Credits: Ingrid Linjordet & Katharina Fries - Project Manager
Other Credits: Joel Rostmark - Producer
Other Credits: Goran Obad & Henrik Hawor- Music Supervisors
Other Credits: Aina Lemoen Lunde, Mette Olsen & Pia Svärd - Client
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