18: CRAFT (Outstanding Cinematography)

Journey of Healing - Vaseline - Vaseline JPG
Journey of Healing - Vaseline - Vaseline MP4 1m:33s

Journey of Healing - Vaseline

Journey of Healing - Vaseline - Vaseline


Title of Entry: Journey of Healing
Brand: Vaseline
Product/Service: Vaseline
Client: HUL
Entrant Company: Geometry Encompass
Creative Agency: Geometry Encompass
Duration of Entry: 01:33
Craft Leader(s): 1st December Films
Role: Cinematography
Chief Creative Officer: Arpan Jain
Creative Director: Sandeep gaur
Art Director: Meenal Brahmane
Sector: N/A
Production Company: First December Films
Producer: Ganesh Pareek
Date of Release: 2019-05-17
Director: Atul Kattukaran
DOP: Sharan Ranjit, Neil D'souza, Anup J Kattukaran
Notes: Vaseline was Sampled at Kumbh Mela(Festival), which enabled more than 2 lakh devotees combating coarse terrain, biting cold weather, immersing in freezing cold water and walking barefoot for days in completing their journey. Essence of the devotees was captured while applying Vaseline in real time and in the course of 10 days over 2,70,000 still were shot , edited and story of their arduous journey was weaved into a stop-motion film. Each key image was pre-planned to be part of one seamless action. The music was inspired by the myriad sounds at Kumbh Mela but also borrows from folk and indigenous elements across the world to create an atmosphere that encapsulates the mystery and magic of the region.
Editing Company: First December Films
Editor: Priyank Prem Kumar, Pratik Chitalia, Ankit Singh, Vishwanath Pillai
Sound Studio: Wah Wah Music Production
Sound Engineer: Dhruv Ghanekar
Music Company: Wah Wah Music Production
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