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The Vampire Poster - FOX Channel
The Vampire Poster

The Vampire Poster - FOX Channel - The Vampire Poster


Title of Entry: The Vampire Poster
Brand: FOX Channel
Product/Service: The Vampire Poster
Client: FOX Channel
Entrant Company: BETC São Paulo
Creative Agency: BETC São Paulo
Chief Creative Officer: Erh Ray
Account Manager: Giovana Degen, Camila Steiman
Creative Director: Andrea Siqueira, Laura Azevedo, Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro
Media Strategist: Carlinha Gagliardi
Media Executive: Ricardo Xavier
Art Director: Gustavo Guives Leal
Copywriter: Chico Lucas
Date of Release: 2019-05-17
Judging URL: https://youtu.be/8eKkPN6imE8
Notes: In April 2019, FOX CHANNEL released a new series: The Passage. The plot tells the story of a virus that turns people into vampires capable of finally humankind. As a result, the channel has given us the challenge of releasing the series' first season, attracting the highest possible audience and generating awareness for its brand.
Everyone knows that vampires are nocturnal creatures, scary and with supernatural powers. But there's one thing they can not stand: the sunlight. To unveil the first season of The Passage series, we create special posters that do not survive the dawn. The pieces were installed at night on the streets of the city. As soon as the day was born and the sunlight touched the poster, the paper began to burn, to ashes. Just like vampires do.
The project is not only embedded in the outdoor environment, but also uses it to actually happen. We create special posters that behave like vampires and begin to catch fire in contact with the sunlight. For this to happen, we produce a flammable ink formed from the special ink + potassium permanganate blend (formula: KMnO4) + sulfuric acid (formula: H2SO4). In action, we use this paint to paint the back of the posters. As soon as the day dawned and the sunbeams touched the play, the paper burned, catching fire immediately.
Support URL 1: https://adage.com/creativity/work/fox-channel-vampire-poster/2172791
Support URL 2: https://www.adweek.com/agencies/these-posters-for-a-new-vampire-tv-show-erupt-in-flames-when-the-sun-rises/
Other Credits: ECD: Andrea Siqueira
Other Credits: Typography: Ligia Fava, Gustavo Guives Leal
Other Credits: Communications & PR: Camila Nakagawa
Other Credits: Integrated Production Directors: Mari Goebel, Anna Ferraz; Film Production: Anna Ferraz, Stella Violla; Graphical Production: Gilmar Souza, Carlos Valeriano
Other Credits: Film Production Company: DAMASCO FILMES; Audio Production Company: CANJA AUDIO CULTURE
Other Credits: Photography Direction: Danilo Mantovani
Other Credits: Director: Alexandre Lucas; Executive Production: Marcelo Monteiro, Carlos Righi; Production Account: Felipe Silvani
Other Credits: Motion/Visual Effects: Breno Amorim
Other Credits: Scenographic production / effects: FOCOS PRODUÇÃO, CENOGRAFIA
Other Credits: Advertiser: Sergio Domanico, Priscila Vilardi, Stefanie Thiene
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