18: CRAFT (Outstanding Photography (any media))

Electric Slaves - Photography - Amnesty International JPG
Electric Slaves - Photography - Amnesty International JPG
Electric Slaves - Photography - Amnesty International JPG

Electric Slaves - Amnesty International

Electric Slaves - Amnesty International - Photography


Title of Entry: Electric Slaves
Brand: Amnesty International
Product/Service: Photography
Client: Amnesty International
Entrant Company: Havas Prague
Creative Agency: Havas Prague
Craft Leader(s): Gwenn Dubourthoumieu
Role: Photographer
Creative Director: Jakub Kolářík, Petr Čech
Art Director: Jakub Kolářík, Pavel Slováček
Copywriter: Petr Čech, Zdenek Buchtela
Account Manager: Martina Figurová
Date of Release: 2019-04-09
Photographer: Gwenn Dubourthoumieu
Notes: Electromobility is steadily becoming an industry changing phenomenon of close future. People live in the impression that buying an electric car is like doing a good deed.

Our task was to question this “purity”. So we are documenting the far side of electromobility by focusing on origin of cobalt which is an important substance in car batteries. We are revealing conditions of cobalt mines in Democratic Republic of the Congo where miners, one third of which are children, work in inhuman conditions like in medieval times.

Our campaign is activating readers to go to our microsite. There we are listing car manufacturers that have taken action to ensure an ethical supply chain. And also we are bringing attention to those brands that are still ignoring it.

The pictures are realistic as they were taken in real mines of Democratic Republic of the Congo. So it is authentic and has a disruptive message juxtaposing battery life and human life.
URL Link (optional): https://electricslaves.org/
Other Credits: Tereza Letfusová (Production Manager)
Other Credits: Dream Studios (Production)
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