11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Activism)


HORNBACH "Democratic Art – An Ai Weiwei for everybody." - HORNBACH



Title of Entry: HORNBACH "Democratic Art – An Ai Weiwei for everybody."
Product/Service: HORNBACH DIY Store
Entrant Company: HEIMAT, Berlin
Creative Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin | NEUTRAL, Zürich
Judging URL: https://www.hornbach.de/aiweiwei/en/
Chief Creative Officer: HEIMAT: Guido Heffels, Matthias Storath | NEUTRAL: Rudolf Schürmann
Creative Director: HEIMAT: Marlon Fischer, Felix Pfannmüller | NEUTRAL: Michelle Nicol
Art Director: HEIMAT: Sascha Jörres
Account Executive: HEIMAT: Tim Holtkötter | NEUTRAL: Inna Schill
Sector: RETAIL
Account Manager: HEIMAT: Franziska Lequen
Production Company: LIESEL Filmproduktion GmbH
Producer: Nick Hudson, Lisa Cordes, David Mohn, Nick Hudson, Mathias Resch
Date of Release: 2020-01-31
Director: Harun Güler
Notes: HORNBACH is always searching for new ways to anticipate social developments and transform them into stories. At a time when art is only reserved for an elite circle, HORNBACH is democratizing the art market with a work of art which is not only reserved for highest bidders and art collectors in the world.
In the beginning of 2020, HORNBACH is launching a unique project together with Chinese concept artist Ai Weiwei. As one of the greatest artists of the present day, Ai Weiwei is publishing a work of art consisting solely of materials available in every HORNBACH product range. And thereby it is available for everybody, for the price of the materials alone. A genuine Ai Weiwei, which is suitable for reproduction with the help of a lovingly designed instruction including a certificate of authenticity. As an alternative to an unleashed art market, "Safety Jackets Zipped the other Way" brings art back to where it belongs: into people's hands.
Editor: Benedikt Strick
Sound Studio: Loft Tonstudios Berlin GmbH
URL Link (optional): http://hornbach.de/aiweiwei/en
Other Credits: Art Buying / Creative Services: HEIMAT: Franziska Möck
Other Credits: Social Media Manager: HEIMAT: Achim Hube
Other Credits: Book - Design Agency: Data-Orbit Studio für Visuelle Kommunikation
Other Credits: Book - Photography: Elizaveta Porodina
Other Credits: Film Grading: Jan Schöningh
Other Credits: Compositing: Samuel Hencher
Other Credits: Sound Producer: Cerstin Cassidy
Other Credits: Sound Design: David Arnold
Other Credits: Composer: Transatlantic Film Orchestra
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