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pedasuransi - abc sambal - ABC SAMBAL SAUCE


Title of Entry: pedasuransi
Brand: abc sambal
Product/Service: ABC SAMBAL SAUCE
Entrant Company: VMLY&R MUMBAI
Creative Agency: VMLY&R MUMBAI
Creative Director: Kevin Lobo
Art Director: Akshit VS
Designer: Vijayan Shivan/ Nandan Joshi /
Copywriter: Siva Subramaniam
Chief Creative Officer: Venkatgiri Rao
Sector: FOOD
Account Executive: Abhinav Galate
Account Manager: Andreas Christiadi
Date of Release: 2019-06-07
Notes: Sambal ABC wasn't being perceived at spicy enough in a country of spice lovers- Indonesia. Even though in blind tests our sambal was declared as spicy, the perception in the market was different.
Show the Indonesians with an act that sambal ABC is actually spicy. The strategy was to almost challenge them into understanding how spicy our sambal was.
We created the world's spiciest noodles with sambal ABC and started giving 'spice insurance' along with it.
This challenge acted as a maginifier for news and pr. Turning the act into an effective messaging.
Other Credits: Account executive : Siby Mathews
Other Credits: Business Director: Alpa Dedhia
Other Credits: CEO: Anil Nair
Other Credits: Editor: Amar Sharma
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director: Kevin Lobo
Other Credits: Copywriter: Netra Natrajan
Other Credits: Account Director: Mudit Trivedi
Other Credits: Business Executive: Agnes Getha
Other Credits: Editor: Saurabh Pal
Other Credits: Copywriter: Rajivi Rao
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