11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Activism)

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Football Forevher - Coca-Cola
Soft drinks

Football Forevher - Coca-Cola - Soft drinks


Title of Entry: Football Forevher
Brand: Coca-Cola
Product/Service: Soft drinks
Client: Coca-Cola Sweden
Entrant Company: Isobar Sweden
Creative Agency: Isobar Sweden
Craft Leader(s): Henrik Eriksson
Role: Creative Director
Creative Director: Henrik Eriksson
Art Director: Erik Olsson
Copywriter: Paul Martinsson
Account Executive: Helena Skarle
Sector: N/A
Account Manager: Elina Gustafsson
Production Company: Slutet, Goodbye Kansas Studios, Fixas
Date of Release: 2019-05-29
Notes: Men in football are constantly idolized. Throughout history, a dozen male players have had a statue raised in their honor in Sweden. That number for women? 0. Even though the women’s national team has fared much better than their male counterparts in competitions.

During last year's World Cup, Coca-Cola wanted to show its engagement on gender equality in Swedish football. And turned four top players of the national team into symbols of equality in Sweden. The first female players in Sweden to have a statue raised in their honor.

In the summer of 2019, another statue was making headlines when the construction and location of Zlatan Ibrahimović’s statue wes debated. We wanted to (and did) beat him to the punch and we made the conversation revolve around gender inequality in the sport, instead of the accomplishments of yet another male player.
Other Credits: PR-specialist: Rebecka Källquist
Other Credits: Sociala medier-specialist: Eric Hahne
Other Credits: Strategist: Daniel Björklund
Other Credits: Planner: Frida Wadsby
Other Credits: Designer: Emelie Dahl, Anna Strömberg
Other Credits: Motion designer: Rasmus Wimby
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