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Experience olympian greatness - Service - Japan Olympic Museum JPG
Experience olympian greatness - Service - Japan Olympic Museum JPG
Experience olympian greatness - Service - Japan Olympic Museum JPG
Experience olympian greatness - Service - Japan Olympic Museum JPG
Experience olympian greatness - Service - Japan Olympic Museum JPG
Experience olympian greatness - Service - Japan Olympic Museum JPG

Experience olympian greatness - Japan Olympic Museum

Experience olympian greatness - Japan Olympic Museum - Service


Title of Entry: Experience olympian greatness
Brand: Japan Olympic Museum
Product/Service: Service
Client: Japanese Olympic Committee
Entrant Company: dentsu inc.
Creative Agency: Japanese Olympic Committee and Consortium Members: Dentsu, Nomura, Dentsu Live
Sector: N/A
Support URL: https://japan-olympicmuseum.jp/en/floor_map/2f.html
Date of Release: 2019-09-14
Various Olympic museums have been built all over the world in the past 30 or so years.
Almost all focus on Olympic history, omitting the most important aspect of sports—the physical experience.
We wondered if we could create a museum embodying that celebrated quote of the father of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin: “Winning medals isn’t the point of the Olympics. It’s the participating that counts.”

We embraced the challenge to establish the world’s first experiential Olympic Museum in celebration of TOKYO 2020.
We invented a special place where anyone can become an Olympic athlete, transcending barriers of age, gender and nationality to compete virtually with Olympians.
We collaborated with sports science specialists to designate seven categories of Olympian abilities and created experiential content for each.
We designed activity fields for each sport experience, incorporating the white lines which appear in actual competitions to enhance the total immersion feel.

We worked with experts in sports science to categorize Olympian abilities into seven categories and create experiential content for each. All contents are based on the athlete's exercise data. The details are as follows.

JUMP: Pit your jumping ability against that of Olympian gymnasts and basketball players.
SYNCHRONIZE: Try moving in synch with Olympic artistic swimmers and skaters.
RUN: Chase the footprints to experience the feel and sound of record-breakers in Olympic athletics.
THROW: Test each type of sporting equipment to experience its weight and feel, and watch videos of throwing events.
BALANCE: Compete against Olympic athletes whose superior balance makes them the best at sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding.
TARGET: Match skills with Olympic sharpshooters; see how accurately you can hit a target and experience the powerful force of a gun muzzle.
All Games: Move your body to discover the sport with the closest pose on screen. Hold your pose for 2 seconds to view detailed information.

In a 10-day period we were featured over 1,000 times on TV, in newspapers, and in online news.
Both male and female visitors of various ages and nationalities helped the Japan Olympic Museum reach a record 200,000 visitors in just 2.5 months.
The number of visitors is still growing exponentially. This space has become a semi-permanent device for participants to actively receive the messages of the Olympic Games and its founders. Surely we are producing future Olympians here!
Full Credits: Shigechiyo Suzuki Chief Creative Officer NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Soichi Ono Chief Creative Officer Dentsu Inc.
Atsushi Otaki Creative Director Dentsu Inc.
Yusuke Koyanagi Art Director Dentsu Inc.
Moe Goto Creative Team Dentsu Inc.
Takahiro Ohnishi Art Director TAKI corporation
Kosuke Takahashi Creative Team Dentsu Inc.
Shota Ekuni Creative Team Dentsu Inc.
Momoka Nakayama Creative Team Dentsu Inc.
Shu Yamamoto Creative Team Dentsu Inc.
Toru Urakawa Creative Team Dentsu Inc.
Roy Ryo Tsukiji Digital Creative Director Birdman Inc.
Takeru Kobayashi Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Junya Hoshikawa Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Kanta Takeuchi Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Yuta Toga Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Yoko Kosins Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Wookie Choi Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Hayato Kuno Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Shunpei Torii Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Kyohei Yamano Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Yumi Nishida Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Mizuho Suzuki Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Aya Takamatsu Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Yoshihiro Miura Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Ei Kou Creative Team Birdman Inc.
Dai Kusakari Producer DENTSU LIVE INC.
Shinji Takahashi Producer GEEK PICTURES INC.
Akira Kadoya Director GEEK PICTURES INC.
Hinano Omochi Director GEEK PICTURES INC.
Tetsuya Fukui Director GEEK PICTURES INC.
Hiroho Mieno Director GEEK PICTURES INC.
Junko Igarashi Designer TAKI corporation
Toshiya Ichikawa Designer TAKI corporation
Kenta Akamatsu Designer TAKI corporation
Kenta Yamada Producer TAKI corporation
Kenta Saito Designer ADBRAIN co.,ltd.
Ren Omori Designer ADBRAIN co.,ltd.
Shohei Nakajima Producer ADBRAIN co.,ltd.
Shinobu Kato Account Team Dentsu Inc.
Shigeki Tomiyama Account Team Dentsu Inc.
Tomoyasu Higuchi Account Team Dentsu Inc.
Marie Yoshida Account Team Dentsu Inc.
Asako Harayama Account Team NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Tsukasa Higuchi Account Team NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Masahiro Nishino Account Team NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Kazuyoshi Hikota Account Team NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Yuya Ono Account Team NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Tomomi Eguchi Account Team NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Daiki Gedo Producer DENTSU LIVE INC.
Iku Miura Producer DENTSU LIVE INC.
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