17: PRINT DESIGN (Packaging)

M&Ms Messages - M&Ms - M&Ms JPG
M&Ms Messages - M&Ms - M&Ms JPG
M&Ms Messages - M&Ms - M&Ms JPG

M&Ms Messages - M&Ms

M&Ms Messages - M&Ms - M&Ms


Title of Entry: M&Ms Messages
Brand: M&Ms
Product/Service: M&Ms
Client: Mars Chocolate North America
Entrant Company: BBDO New York
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Creative Director: Tim Bayne (Executive Creative Director)
Art Director: Jenn Tranbarger (Associate Creative Director/ Art Director)
Designer: Jenn Tranbarger
Copywriter: Jessica Rello (Associate Creative Director/ Copywriter)
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars (BBDO Worldwide), Greg Hahn (BBDO NY)
Sector: N/A
Account Executive: Kirsten Flanik/ Susannah Keller/ Lisa Piliguian/ Ashley Gill/ Rebecca Orlando/ Jessica Dunne (Account Team)
Account Manager: Annemarie Norris/ Brian Brydon/ Dexter Blumenthal (Planning Team)
Date of Release: 2020-02-09
Notes: For over 75 years, M&M'S has brought endless enjoyment to people’s everyday lives. But our classic packs hadn’t changed in decades, and we needed a new way to gain relevancy with the next generation of consumers. Since Millennials and Gen-Zers love to connect through humorous, made-to-share visuals, we found a way for M&M'S to help them do the same - by transforming our packs into shareable “Messages.” The program consisted of 34 unique designs and witty phrases printed on pack as a way for people to connect, communicate, and celebrate life’s everyday moments. (566 characters)

Each Message was carefully written to bring our six Spokescandies’ distinct personalities to life - all while staying in the brand’s overarching jester tone. Using consumer research, we found the top nine sentiments and occasions that appealed to the millennial and gen-z audience, and tailored our messages to fit within them. Due to limited pack space, our messages had to be cleverly crafted to fit within the bag’s small canvas.
Other Credits: David Rolfe (Head of Integrated Production)
Other Credits: Lizzy Lehn - Associate Art Producer
Other Credits: Erik Marinovich - Lettering Artist
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