11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Activism)


NUJP "Mask" Campaign - National Union of Journalists of the Philippines
Non-Profit Organization



Title of Entry: NUJP "Mask" Campaign
Brand: National Union of Journalists of the Philippines
Product/Service: Non-Profit Organization
Client: National Union of Journalists of the Philippines
Entrant Company: Dentsu Jayme Syfu
Creative Agency: Dentsu Jayme Syfu
Chief Creative Officer: Louie Sotto
Art Director: Alexa Remalante
Copywriter: Louie Sotto
Sector: N/A
Date of Release: 2020-06-03
Notes: Just a few days after Press Freedom Day on May 3, the Philippines saw the closure of its biggest TV network, ABS-CBN, the main source of news for over 100 million Filipinos who are desperate for information and updates amid the current pandemic.

Just a month later, multi-awarded journalist, founder and CEO of Rappler, Maria Ressa, was found guilty of cyber-libel for an article written before the passage of the law she is accused of breaking.
The closure and the guilty verdict of Rappler’s Maria Ressa have led many to speculate that the motives are political, as both have been critical of the current administration.

The National Union of Journalist in the Philippines sought to remind Filipinos that amid this pandemic, the country's press freedom needed protection too.
URL Link (optional): https://www.facebook.com/229482870373/posts/10163662350265374/?vh=e&d=n
Other Credits: Lieza Punsalan
Other Credits: Apol Sta. Maria
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