11: BRAND PURPOSE (Brand Activism)

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Communication Technology

Dot Translate - Dot Translate - Communication Technology


Title of Entry: Dot Translate
Brand: Dot Translate
Product/Service: Communication Technology
Client: Dot Incorporation
Creative Director: Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner
Art Director: Eduardo Alvarez
Copywriter: Carolina Soto
Sector: N/A
Production Company: Paulus Co. Ltd
Producer: Kyungsin Kim
Date of Release: 2019-03-15
Director: Dahoon Chung
DOP: Yongsang Cho
Notes: For 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide, only 3% of all text content is available in braille.

Dot Translate is the first AI braille translator working at near-human accuracy. Trained with millions of highly accurate translation samples, made accessible through an intuitive web interface, Dot devices and other digital braille devices. Formats and sources cover a wide range: type, e-pub, pdf, txt, doc, rtf, html, voice and even translating whole websites. Existing braille translation software works by applying a small set of pre-defined rules, which doesn’t cover many cases. Our approach is different: We use a machine learning based system. This is important, because due to the nature of Machine Learning and a feedback tool, usage increases the accuracy. The key was obtaining large amounts of training data and users. To obtain data, we partnered with stakeholders and content owners, to increase users, we made our product free to use, challenging existing software pricing at up to $700.
URL Link (optional): https://translate.dotincorp.com/
Other Credits: Alex Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer
Other Credits: Saurabh Kakade, Creative
Other Credits: Eric Ju Yoon Kim, Jae Seong Joo, Ki Sung, Ahrum Choi, Jimin Ryu, Ki Hwan Joo, Dot Incorporation
Other Credits: Yeong Kyu Yoo, Nara Ok, cloudandco / Dot Incorporation (Design)
Other Credits: Dieter Pries, Bozhidar Yovchev, Anton Petrov, Vasil Vasilev, Hyperinteractive (Digital Development)
Other Credits: Daniel Kuhnlein, Standardabweichung (Creative Code)
Other Credits: Julie Kang, Yoon Seo, Jihyun Seo, Yujin Ko, Yerim Kim, Serviceplan Korea
Other Credits: Handong Ryu, Cinematographer, Paulus Co. Ltd
Other Credits: Maximilian Heitsch, Niklas May, Marco Kawan, Sebastian Haiss, Moby Digg (Digital Design)
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