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15 cm Hair Donation - Cancer Tumor Patients Aid Associations
Hair Donation

15 cm Hair Donation - Cancer Tumor Patients Aid Associations - Hair Donation


Title of Entry: 15 cm Hair Donation
Brand: Cancer Tumor Patients Aid Associations
Product/Service: Hair Donation
Client: Cancer Tumor Patients Aid Associations
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson Taipei
Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson Taipei
Chief Creative Officer: I-Fei Chang
Creative Director: Lars Wu
Art Director: Alice.Lin
Account Executive: Emma Lee
Account Manager: Dora Hsieh
Producer: Fay Tsai
Date of Release: 2020-01-16
Notes: Background:

In Taiwan, 8% of female cancer patients reject chemotherapy treatment to avoid the distress of losing hair.

A wig can make all the difference.

But it takes 8 hair donations to make one wig, and many people believe only long hair can be donated to create wigs, and hence it makes the amount of invaluable hair donations are critically low in Taiwan.

How could we encourage more hair donations so that more cancer patients would have the courage to accept chemotherapy treatment?

Creative idea / Solution:

We found that as long as the hair donated is longer than 15 centimeters, it could be made as wigs, which is a rarely-known fact that overturns public acknowledgement.

We also discovered 90% of Taiwanese people change their hairstyle for Lunar New Year.
This is the perfect time to inspire people to donate hair.
So, we hacked into the traditional Lunar New Year practice of handing out ‘red envelopes’ filled with money and blessings.

We designed:‘The 15 cm Hair Donation Red Envelope’.

The idea is simple. We printed ordinary 15 cm red envelopes to let people know that even 15 cm of hair is long enough to donate.

Then, we cooperated with major salon chains, sending the Hair Donation Red Envelope to major cities in North, Central, and South Taiwan.
When people cut their hair before Lunar New Year, they could measure the length to be cut using our red envelopes. After cutting 15 cm of hair, they placed the hair in the envelope to be delivered with blessings to chemotherapy patients.


★This idea created an inspiring 56% boost in hair donations, compared to the same period last year,
and helped us accomplish 38% of our 2020’s wig production goal by February.

★This idea did more than increase hair donations. It showed people how easily they can make a real difference for cancer victims.

★This is just a beginning. Lunar New Year 2021, 6 salon chains will join the initiative to help more patients gain the courage to undergo the life-saving chemotherapy treatments.

Confidential information for the jury:

Cancer Tumor Patients Aid Associations is a privately-run non-profit organization. We rely on donation from family of cancer patients as our only source of funding. However, due to shortage of funding, we’re unable to buy ads or invest in any mass media to promote hair donation.

We hence need a low-cost but direct way to approach potential hair donors, telling them that they only need to have 15 cm of hair to be eligible for the hair donation and encourage them to participate more.

Without any resource of media, this could help us collect more hair, make more wigs, and help more cancer patients to bravely accept chemotherapy.
Other Credits: Chairman, APAC Creative Council : Sheung-Yan Lo
Other Credits: Executive Creative Director : Wu, Min-Lung
Other Credits: Senior Copywriter : Pin.Hsu
Other Credits: Group head : Mark Brenndorfer
Other Credits: Film Director : Jack Hsu
Other Credits: Film Editor : Ni Ni Hung
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