16: DIGITAL DESIGN (Online identity)

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Long May We Play

Long May We Play - -


Title of Entry: Long May We Play
Client: TAB
Entrant Company: M&C Saatchi
Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi
Sector: N/A
Chief Creative Officer: Cam Blackley - M&C Saatchi
Account Executive: Russell Hopson - M&C Saatchi Group Managing Director, Jasmina Porter - M&C Saatchi Group Account Director
Account Manager: Will Woods - M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director, Kurt Griffin - M&C Saatchi Account Manager, Joshua Johns - M&C Saatchi Account Director, Dean Trendler - M&C Saatchi Project Director
Creative Director: Guy Futcher - M&C Saatchi
Date of Release: 2019-08-19
Digital Producer: Charlie Done - M&C Saatchi Producer
Designer: Simone Cherry - M&C Saatchi Design Director, Lynton Peddie - M&C Saatchi Designer, Matthew Harrington - M&C Saatchi Designer, James Nielsen- M&C Saatchi Designer
Art Director: Chris Cheeseman- M&C Saatchi Head of Art, Neil Walshe - M&C Saatchi Senior Art Director
Copywriter: Michael Harris - M&C Saatchi Senior Copywriter
Other Credits: Justin Graham - M&C Saatchi Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Jacobs - M&C Saatchi Senior Strategy Director,
Other Credits: Luke Waldren - TAB EGM Marketing & Customer, Kent Madders - Head of Brand & Marketing, Ben Willis - TAB Senior Marketing Manager, Matthew Silk -TAB Marketing Manager, Luke Feddema - TAB Senior Marketing Manager - Sport, Will Evans - TAB Marketing Manager - Sport, Martin McEnery - TAB Senior Marketing Manager - Product, Jonathon Rhydderch - TAB Senior Marketing Manager, Brand, Natasha Urukalo - TAB Marketing Manager, Retail, David Marsh - TAB Marketing Manager, Sport, Josh Vellis - TAB General Manager Media & Sponsorships
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