12: HEALTHCARE (Public Awareness)

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Life Chant - Public Health Department

Life Chant - Public Health Department -


Title of Entry: Life Chant
Brand: Public Health Department
Client: Colombo Municipal Council
Entrant Company: Triad
Creative Agency: Triad
Duration of Entry: 2m:ss
Chief Creative Officer: Varuni Fernando
Art Director: Zeeshan Saligh
Copywriter: Shehan Samarasinha
Account Manager: Sajith Adikari
Production Company: 35KM Films
Date of Release: 2019-04-06
Director: Zeeshan Saligh
Notes: In sri lanka’s largest city colombo, slums account for over 50% of the population. In these areas dengue has reached epidemic levels as people unknowingly end up breeding dengue mosquitos. Educative programs by the Colombo Municipal Council are ignored.

For slum dwellers nothing comes above religion. Even in the most poverty stricken areas religious temples and shrines are present and are visited daily for prayer. So we turned to Religion to educate people on mosquito breeding.

Working with monks from temples around the vicinity, we created ‘life chant’. Written, recorded and recited by monks life chant educates slum dwellers on mosquito breeding. The chant aired through loudspeakers in these shrines, early in the morning and late in the evening, the very time the dengue mosquito is most active and the time people engage in religious observances. It also aired on radio the only other medium which is widely accessible for slum dwellers.

Monks from nearby temples even visited the slums and educated slum dwellers on dengue mosquito breeding spots.
Editing Company: 35KM Films
Editor: Zeeshan Saligh, Chulle Rajapaksha, Lakmal Correra
Sound Studio: RedFox Productions
Sound Engineer: Pasan Liyanage
Music Company: RedFox Productions
Other Credits: Executive Creative Advisor - Ruchi Sharma
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