5: SOCIAL (Innovative use of Social Media)

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Consolations - Celebrations

Consolations - Celebrations - Snacks


Title of Entry: Consolations
Brand: Celebrations
Product/Service: Snacks
Client: Mars Wrigley
Entrant Company: CLM BBDO
Creative Agency: CLM BBDO
Judging URL: https://twitter.com/CelebrationsFR
Title 1: Consolations - Twitter Profile
Date of Release: 2019-10-29
Notes: The Celebrations are the best chocolates from the Mars group in one box. And of course, with a name like that, no one would think of eating them without a reason to celebrate. It's a shame. Because if chocolates are good for celebrating, they're also good for consoling. That's why we invented Consolation Chocolates. The box that has everything about Celebrations, except the name.
To launch this limited edition box, we started by consoling Marseille fans in the aftermath of the PSG-OM classico through a print, DOOH and social media campaign. Then we continued to react on social networks, as soon as the news was relevant, to console those who needed it.
Account Executive: Lisa Perrot
Account Manager: Judith ROMERO (Group Account Director) / Meigge SAUVAGET(Account Director)
Creative Director: Benjamin DESSAGNE / Stéphane SANTANA
Production Company: WOLFGANG
Art Director: Théophile ROBAGLIA
Copywriter: Joseph ROZIER
Other Credits: Lisa PERROT (Advertising Manager)
Other Credits: Véronique BERNARD MEYNOT (Head of Planning)
Other Credits: Fabio IAZZETTA (Head of Social Media)
Other Credits: Youcef BOUALEM (Social Media Consultant)
Other Credits: Isabelle DARROMAN (Head of TV Production)
Other Credits: Pierre BOUDIN (Producer)
Other Credits: Marion WEILL-COLLANGE (Communication & Influence Manager) / Fanny SACHOT (Communication & Influence Consultant)
Other Credits: Adam ARAUJO (Producer at Wolfgang)
Other Credits: Romain SERVAIS (Director at Wolfgang)
Other Credits: David MOERMAN (Chief Operator at Wolfgang)
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