12: HEALTHCARE (Public Awareness)

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The Decision - MakeTheDecision.org
PSA - Organ Donation Awareness

The Decision - MakeTheDecision.org - PSA - Organ Donation Awareness


Title of Entry: The Decision
Brand: MakeTheDecision.org
Product/Service: PSA - Organ Donation Awareness
Client: MakeTheDecision.org + Casa Justina
Entrant Company: Nicolas Bori
Creative Agency: Nicolas Bori
Duration of Entry: 02:38
Creative Director: Nicolas Bori
Art Director: Nicolas Bori
Copywriter: Nicolas Bori
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Producer: Daniel Kottirsch, Simona Weber
Date of Release: 2019-12-09
Director: Nicolas Bori
DOP: Martin Ludwig
Notes: Our main objective with the film is to get people thinking and talking about the topic of organ donation, and encourage them to make a decision about it. Hopefully deciding to register as an organ donor. It was not easy to respectfully cover such a complex topic within 3 minutes.

The story aims to put emphasis on the families who decide to donate, rather than on the organ recipients. It is both a tribute to them and a suggestion that taking such a decision could help bring closure or some healing in a moment of personal tragedy.
Editor: Ernst Lattik
Sound Studio: Shall & Rauch
Sound Engineer: Robin Harff
VFX Company: Julia Kietzmann, Tim Markgraf
Music Company: 2wei Music - Thomas Muis
Casting: AH casting
URL Link (optional): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6XMvAMzsIo
Other Credits: Production Designer: Julia Pimentel
Other Credits: Costume design: Ella Philippi
Other Credits: Make-up / SFX: Tim Scheidig, Desirée Schober
Other Credits: Color grading: Marina Starke
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