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Terms Against Bullying - Terms Against Bullying

Terms Against Bullying - Terms Against Bullying - termsagainstbullying.com


Title of Entry: Terms Against Bullying
Brand: Terms Against Bullying
Product/Service: termsagainstbullying.com
Client: Universidade Lusófona, ISCAL 260, Universidade de Madeira, Universidade de Évora, Universidade do Algarve, ISAL, Universidade Autônoma de Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, Queen Elizabeth's School
Entrant Company: White Rabbit Budapest
Creative Agency: White Rabbit Budapest
Judging URL: https://vimeo.com/395173560
Live site URL: https://termsagainstbullying.com/
Chief Creative Officer: Istvan Bracsok, Levente Kovacs
Account Manager: Antonio Gonçalves
Creative Director: Andre Felix, Luis Paulo Gatti
Date of Release: 2019-10-01
Cyberbullying has been a growing problem lately. A recent study has suggested that bullied teenagers are three times more likely to commit suicide. In Europe – where cyberbullying is punishable by imprisonment – the situation is severe: victims are still discredited, or afraid to report it. But bullies are free to use their smartphones as a weapon to spread hatred, especially on WhatsApp, which is a popular platform of conversation for youngsters. Unfortunately, due to its indestructible, end-to-end encryption WhatsApp has turned into a safe haven for bullies to act.

We had a shocking discovery, that no one had realized before: that every mobile provider has an anti-violence clause in their "Terms & Condition". It informs costumers that anyone using the service for bullying will, by law, have their contract cancelled. So we teamed up with nine universities in Portugal, and created www.termsagainstbullying.com, a website that allowed victims to anonymously report the aggressors number to his mobile provider.

We analyzed more than 157 mobile providers' contracts in Europe. We crossed data with our mobile recognition system, and made these contracts available on our platform. The site also explained the many different forms of cyber harrassment, from stalking and fake profiling to trolling and outing. Since the launch of the campaign more than 60 countries have signed up to the projects, and more than 1600 individual reports have been filed for cyberbullying, while the campaign has earned 20M US dollar worth of media impression, and reached 300M people worldwide.
Developer: Felipe Scalice, Lee Monteiro, Wallace Nery, Allan Souza
Designer: Shuzhan Yu, Marcos Mendes Tanaka
UX Designer: Wallace Nery
Production Company: Monster Films
Art Director: Luis Paulo Gatti, Kaue Barbosa, Marcos Mendes Tanaka, Shuzhan Yu
Copywriter: Daniel Bensusan, Rafael Bornacina, Andre Nunes Bueno, Andre Felix
Other Credits: Illustrator: Shuzhan Yu
Other Credits: Client Service Director: Levente Balint
Other Credits: Account Director: Beata Stumpf
Other Credits: Sound Design: Canja Audio Culture
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