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The Juror Award

In a departure from the strictly mathematical rules that determine our other ‘Of The Year’ awards, this new honour is one that comes as a result of asking the extensive expert Cresta jury to comment on particular pieces of works they enjoyed, or felt were notable, over and above their specific marking for how a work performed in the categories in which it was entered.

Jumping out of some of the comments was a respect for the chutzpah of Edelman London in creating a subversive campaign for Hellman’s that drew attention to their famous mayonnaise by pointing out how McDonald’s in the Uk declined to put it on the menu. The ingenious ‘hack’ was to fund customers to order a particular McDonald’s meal that included mayo… and order with the request that everything else was removed! A receipt for the crazy order earned the customer compensation, while Hellman’s earned massive social and other PR coverage for the ‘Mayo McHack’.

One of our Grand Jury members, Kevin Mulroy, ECD/Partner of hot New York agency Mischief USA, tipped his cap respectfully towards the creatives at Edelman when he told us:

“I really love the Hellman’s Mayo McHack idea. They didn’t need an insight about the brand itself, but rather how people use it (or prefer to), played within the rules to break them, and the end result was funny and smart. Extra points for a good old fashioned cease and desist.”

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