Reflecting the febrile atmosphere surrounding the upcoming Cresta shortlist and winner announcements, we've put together a playlist with the theme of, surprise, surprise: Anticipation.

Or, to be specific, we have compiled for your aural delight an hour or more of tension-building yet chilled-out gems gleaned from the deep musical passion of our newest Cresta team member and sometime DJ and event organiser, Will Barren.

The selection spans more than 50 years of creativity, some well-known numbers and some well off the beaten track of known taste. But they all reward a listen or even a spell on loop. Play it while you celebrate being in this year's finalists or better... or as you anticipate greater glory next year.


We thought Will's eclectic, cross-generational playlist might benefit from a few notes. Here's how he defines each track.

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit:
60’s psych-rock classic. Ominous and crescendoing.

Gigi Masin - Still:
Moody and slowly building ambient track from a Venetian maestro.

Ishmael Ensemble - Songs For Knotty:
Tense yet cathartic nu-jazz number.

Four Tet - Melody Day:
Soothing harmonies with an expectant tone.

Darkside - Metatron:
Compelling guitars backed by a myriad of electronic sounds.

Nils Frahm -Says:
Epic, swelling, emotional synths from a German composer.

DJ Shadow - Blood On The Motorway:
Escalating piano and strings combine for gorgeous release.

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy:
Beautiful intensifying electronica with a fuzzy nostalgic feel.  

Move D - Leaves:
Buoyant yet slightly restrained house track from Germany.

Labi Siffre - I Got The…:
Vintage upbeat soul with building horns.

The Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone:
Cinematic soul. Bonafide classic.