Enjoy Bart's playlist. Take a listen while you mull over what to enter into the Cresta Awards this year (sorry about the little ad for ourselves, but we've got to eat).

We asked Bart to tell us how he made it to BBDO New York. Here's what he said:

"I was raised believing I lived in a city, because technically it was true, we had 'city rights', unlike our village neighbours whom we would remind of that fact every chance we got. Truth was, our 'technically a city' had roughly the same amount of inhabitant as you'll find on the average subway platform. After high school I traded my platform sized city for one with its very own subway, Amsterdam. Not knowing what to do with my life I signed up for the army, didn't pass my physical and naturally rolled into advertising. After bootcamp my internship at DDB I was hired, and in a couple of years was working as a creative director running most of the international business with my partner Pol. Where to go from there? Following this subway analogy I got myself in to, the only logical next step was New York City. We exchanged some letters, bought a vowel, and started working at BBDO. That's it so far, where the tracks will lead me in the future is up to The Conductor." Bart.