As the Creative Standards organisation, Cresta is committed to promoting the real value of investing in creativity.

Not just through our awards, but year-round through publications, web content, surveys and events.

As part of this commitment, later this year we plan to publish the first Cresta International Review of Creative Standards.

It has long been known that there is a close link between work that wins creative awards and the most successful brands.

Now we plan to explore that link and look at how the 2019 Cresta Award winners have performed; how the highest creative standards can result in high performance. All winners of a Cresta Grand Prix or Gold will feature in-depth, while Silver and Bronze winners will also feature and finalists will be listed. Country and city breakdowns will also help highlight who is standing out… where and why.

The results of our review will be available online and in print. The luxury print version will be delivered to selected major clients around the world, and will also be available to order by any agency entering this year’s awards.

The full content is currently being finalised. We expect it to include the following:

* In-depth analysis of Grand Prix and Gold Cresta Award winners, including interviews with the agency responsible and jury comments.

* Coverage of all Silver and Bronze winners including jury comments.

* Selected Finalist coverage for new and interesting work.

* Regional and Local market surveys, featuring the work of Cresta entrants and how they rank in therms of creativity.

* City creative reviews with details of the top agencies in major creative centres worldwide, plus our Creative Life guides from top creatives living and working around the world.

* Creative trends across the world’s biggest markets and in all the major disciplines, but majoring on how creative technology is transforming the industries future.

With 100 top creative judges living and working across the globe, Cresta is uniquely placed to help both clients and agencies understand their market better, keep track of trends and get to know the best people in the industry.

We anticipate the Review will become an invaluable tool for the creative community, its clients and those it influences. If you would like to know more about participation, as an entrant or as a sponsoring partner, or contributor opportunities, please contact us now at