First, we hope you are well and that you stay that way. We also wish you all the best in your efforts to support your community.

At Cresta, our task remains to support the communications community. When this terrible global crisis subsides, and perhaps even more during it, the creative industry needs to be encouraged to do great work. We plan to stick to that, even though the social and economic challenges are considerable.

Cresta is able to operate remotely and we will do our best to deliver a valuable service by sourcing and promoting standout, innovative creative ideas from around the world. We remain committed to producing a showcase of the best in 2020.  

Creativity against Covid-19 

This unprecedented health crisis is prompting important and often outstanding work around the globe. Our new Coronavirus/Covid-19 Healthcare category aims to record and recognise the best of this work.

Work covering public information or health education by governments, brands, corporates, not-for-profits, media outlets or other institutions in any medium/platform will be accepted at no charge in this category.

For any advice on entering please contact us.

Early Bird pricing extended

In response to the economic impact of the crisis, we have extended all discounts until 30 April. Savings of up to $100 per entry remain in place as before.

If your business is hard hit financially but you would still like to participate, please contact and we will try our best to help.

More new initiatives coming soon

Forced to work from home, we need to work differently to stay in touch. We will do our best to help as we develop our communications over coming weeks.

You can check out the recently launched Cresta #newnormal series here. We will also soon launch Cresta’s online Journal, so check back here. 

Do please tell us if you have ideas on how we can help more. Contact us here.