The Cresta Awards are divided into 24 categories. The categories cover media disciplines; areas of craft and technologies; new categories where specialist skills deserve additional focus; open categories; and our new business categories celebrating working environments and cultures. Within most there are sub-categories. These aim to ensure you can find the best way to represent your work when entering. There are even categories for innovative projects that break outside of conventional media or are otherwise markers of The Future.

In most categories, you can enter a single item or a campaign. A single piece of work can be entered into several categories. This can enable it to be judged multiple times and so increase the chances of success.

Please note: while Cresta 2020 is free to entry, and all are welcome, we reserve the right to remove excessive or incorrect entries, in order to ensure jurors' time is not wasted  (e.g. where the same work has been entered into every category it is vaguely relevant to, or where required support explanation is missing). 

For any advice on choosing the best categories for your work, or other inquiries on how and what to enter, please contact us at



TV, Cinema, Social and Viral film or video ads (Single or Campaign). For short form video, see Social category. For branded video, see Brand Entertainment.

- TV or Cinema Commercial up to 30 seconds

- TV or Cinema Commercial 31- 60 seconds

- TV or Cinema Commercial over 60 seconds

- Viral Video (any length)

- Moving Image Campaign any length (3-6 executions)


Websites, Micro-sites, Apps, Ads, Banners, Games etc for any device (Single or Campaign)

- Campaign websites and micro-sites

- Integrated digital campaigns (min. of 3 platforms/technologies)

- Online display advertising (banners, pop-ups, takeovers)

- Online video ads

- Branded apps and games

3: PRINT and OOH

Newspaper, Magazine or other Publication Ads, Billboards, Posters (single or campaign).

- Print ad

- Large format billboard poster

- Small format poster

- Interactive poster

- Print campaign (3-6 executions)

- Poster/Billboard campaign (3-6 executions)


For Ambient entries, work should be on or in unusual or unexpected places, may be known as guerilla marketing. Experiential should be immersive, live and memorable experiences for consumers - encompassing live marketing and event marketing experiences.

- Ambient

- Experiential

- Ambient campaign

- Experiential campaign


Social media campaigns, videos, ephemeral content etc.

- Best use of Instagram

- Best use of Pinterest

- Best use of Twitter

- Best use of Facebook

- Best use of TikTok

- Social Campaign (integrated use of 2 or more of above)

- Influencer Campaigns

- Global Issue Campaign

- Innovative use of Social Media

- Real Time Advertising

- Short-Form Ephemeral Content (Snapchat, Instagram Stories etc)

- Short-form social video up to 5 secs

- Short-form social video 6-10 secs

- Short-form social video 10 secs+


Radio advertising, branded Podcasts (single item or campaign/series)

- Radio advertising (any length)

- Radio campaign (3-6 commercials)

- Branded podcast

- Branded podcast series (3+ episodes)


Film/video, AR, VR, games or other entertainment made with intent to support a brand’s marketing strategy.

- Branded film/video (fiction)

- Branded film/video (factual)

- Virtual Reality

- Augmented Reality

- Video game


Any marketing item created with intent to produce a ‘direct response’ from consumers. Can be any media.

- Consumer product or service (single item)

- Charity appeals

- Email marketing


Any campaign incorporating work from at least two of the above disciplines.


In Categories 1-9 entrants should also choose a sector sub-category from the list below:

01 APPAREL inc. Accessories, Sportswear, Footwear, Handbags etc.

02 AUTOMOTIVE inc. all associated products




06 CORPORATE IMAGE non-product based promotion, event sponsorship


08 E-COMMERCE including search engines and online retail

09 ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT including computers, music systems, TVs, cell/mobile phones, gaming consoles, cameras, printers, scanners, home automation (e.g. Alexa), home cinema. etc.

10 ENTERTAINMENT including TV shows, ,movies, theatres, books, sports, festivals.

11 FINANCIAL banking, insurance, pensions, investments, credit cards, advisors

12 FOOD excluding food retail

13 HOME indoor and outdoor furnishings, beds & linens, flooring, appliances, kitchens and kitchen equipment, bath & shower, etc.

14 HOUSEHOLD including paints, detergents, cleaning products, batteries, light bulbs, etc.

15 MEDIA TV channels/platforms, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, online media channels

16 PET foods & accessories

17 PUBLIC & SOCIAL charities, NGOs, political, public health & safety, issue-based campaigns

18 RECREATIONAL hobbies, crafts, clubs, CDs, DVDs, toys, games

19 RETAIL including restaurants, gyms, travel agents and all retail outlets

20 SOCIAL MEDIA promotion of brands such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

21 TRAVEL including airlines, hotels, tourist offices, cruises, travel agents, car rental, etc.

22 UTILITIES gas, electric and water companies, cell/mobile phone networks, fixed-line phone companies, cable services, satellite services



Campaigns in any medium (or mix of) that have run consistently for 4 years or more. Work in this category may have been entered into awards individually in previous years. At least 4 examples must be entered including executions across the full period of the campaign. Supporting material showing the effectiveness of the long-term approach will be used to judge entries.

01 Consumer product or service

02 Business product or service


As consumers increasingly consider their purchases to be an extension of their views, beliefs and lifestyle, this category rewards those brands with strategies and creative executions that provide powerful connections with today’s evolving and more ethically demanding marketplace.

- Brand Purpose
  Work in any medium that supports a brand’s purpose beyond the financial demands of shareholders.

- Brand Activism
  Work in any medium that demonstrates a brand’s involvement in changing the world for the better.


Health and wellness marketing is highly regulated and often requires specialist creative knowledge and skills. These categories recognise the growing importance of healthcare marketing. Entries may include work in any medium.

- OTC medicines

- Prescription medicines

- Devices

- Healthcare services (hospitals, care homes, insurance etc)

- Wellness (work supporting healthy life-style choices)

- Public Awareness (public health information campaigns)



13: B2B

Communication and marketing between businesses drives the global economy. These awards recognise the vital contribution creativity can play in this sector.

- Advertising (offline and online B2B ads)

- Digital (B2B websites and associated disciplines)

- Technology (use of AR, VR, AI, Data etc)

- Direct (any medium, work designed to elicit an immediate response)


The creation of very high value brands is an area in which the marketing very often defines the brand as much as the product itself. These new awards reflect the specialist understanding and boundary-pushing creativity needed to build and maintain brands in these globalised and unique markets.

- Luxury goods (Accessories, Watches, Leather goods, Jewellery, etc)

- High Fashion Apparel

- Beauty (Perfume, Skincare, Make-up etc)

- Luxury Retail

- Other ( Travel & Vacations, Hotels, Property, Financial, Experiences)




These awards look for creativity and innovation applied to established technology. From a ride-booking app to a one-click shopping experience, from a disruptive real estate website to the refined UX of a boutique brand, and more.

- New App

- Online journey (UX)

- Digital Brand Transformation of the Year

- Creative use of Data

- Use of AI

- Use of AR

- Use of VR

- Integrated use of new technology



Online and digital installation design.

- Website

- Micro-site

- App

- Typography

- Use of animation

- Use of photography

- User journey

- Innovative coding

- Integration of multiple technologies

- Online identity

- OOH digital installations



Identity, packaging, publications, brochures.

- Corporate/Brand Identity

- Packaging

- Annual Report

- Stationery

- Brochure/Publication

- Art Direction (any category)

- Typography (any category)


- Outstanding Art Direction (print)

- Outstanding Copywriting (print)

- Outstanding Typography (print)

- Outstanding Art Direction (billboards/poster)

- Outstanding Copywriting (billboards/poster)

- Outstanding Typography (billboards/poster)

- Outstanding Photography (any media)

- Outstanding Cinematography

- Outstanding Scriptwriting (film/video)

- Outstanding Direction (film/video)

- Outstanding Sound Design (film/video)

- Outstanding Special Effects (film/video)

- Outstanding Animation (film/video)

- Outstanding Direction (radio/podcasts)

- Outstanding Scriptwriting (radio/podcasts)

- Music (original & licensed)

- Humour (any media)

- Craft Campaign (any media)



19: THE ‘Wish we’d thought of that AWARD

Innovative thinking in any medium or discipline that will impress your peers and have them wishing they’d thought of it first. Surprise us.


The innovative use of media can be as creative as it is effective. Show us how you challenged the norm and created something special in any mix, individual or one-off media.


This is an open category for outstanding and innovative work demonstrating the potential direction of tech as a creative tool in marketing. We expect entries featuring Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Automated Intelligence and other technologies we haven’t even dreamed of. Show us what the creative world is going to look like in the 2020s.

In both Open Categories you may enter multiple pieces of work as part of your case study.



Cresta has three new awards for which you don’t have to enter any work.

Instead, we want to celebrate how you work.

We want to identify and honour the best Culture, Workplaces, and community Actions that creative businesses are demonstrating around the world.

That is because there is more to producing great work than innate talent, hard work, or even sheer luck. Vital as those can be.

To be highly creative, truly innovative, and reliably successful, time after time, requires values, method, organisation. And then… a little extra magic.  What’s your secret sauce?

Please enter with a submission text of between 150 and 750 words. You can attach up to six items (video or stills or sound file) and include a web link or two if appropriate.

We will have a special jury focused on assessing who should be the first winners of these honours, which will be rewarded with a special variant of the new Cresta trophy. 



Tell us what makes your agency stand out. Explain how you work to have a unique ‘culture’ in your company that enables you to consistently produce great work.

- Up to 50 employees

- Over 50 employees

- Network of more than three offices


We are in search of the offices you can’t wait to go to work in. Is yours one of them? Our winner(s) are likely to be work environments that have a special (but not necessarily expensive) organic mix that makes them great places to be. We are looking for the outstanding places that work for the individual, the team, and the wider community of the workplace (clients, visitors, neighbours, etc.)

- Offices of up to 50 employees

- Offices of over 50 employees


Great creative businesses contribute to the world, not just their own bottom line. How has your agency made sacrifices to support important issues? Tell us how your company makes a difference.

- Businesses with up to 50 employees

- Businesses with over 50 employees