When LADBible and the Plastics Ocean Foundation asked AMV BBDO to raise awareness among young people of the sheer scale of plastic waste in our seas, they didn't just create a campaign.

They created a whole country.

Invented by AMV creatives Michael Hughes and Dalantando Almeida, The Trash Isles applied to become an official, UN recognised country.

Together with designer Mario Kerkstra, they produced everything a country needs - currency, passports, citizenship certificates, stamps and, of course, a flag.

More importantly, they produced a huge response. Hundreds of thousands applied for 'citizenship', and dozens of public figures ranging from Al Gore to Judi Dench to backed their campaign.

The purpose of all this was as serious as it was entertaining.

If all the waste in the sea is recognised by the UN as a country, then all other UN members have a responsibility to act and clean it up.

For all our sakes, let's hope they live up to their responsibilities.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all involved for what is an extraordinary example of how to amplify an issue using careful research, clever craft skills, modern communications and left field creativity.

The campaign won a well deserved rare Cresta Grand Prix in our 2018 Awards.

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