How long have you been working from home?
I have been in the home office for nearly three weeks now. There is a complete shutdown, so all my colleagues from denkwerk are also completely in the home office. And schools and day centres are shut too.

How do you separate work life from home life?
I hardly distinguish between work and private life, both flow into each other during the day. For me it is an exceptional situation that my husband, my six-year-old daughter and I are at home. We enjoy it very much to be together for a longer time.

Do you break for lunch?
My refuelling is talking with my husband and playing with my daughter. This grounds me and reminds me of the really meaningful things in life, like my family.

How do you manage teams from home?
At denkwerk we are used to agile work in teams and to organise ourselves. Since each team also works closely with the client, we are used to holding video conferences spontaneously, using agile web tools such as Figma, where multiple designers can work in real time and clients can comment in real time. So for me, and denkwerk, hardly anything has changed. Of course we miss the personal contact to each other. But we take care of each other via Slack!

How do clients respond to the new way of working?
We are really lucky that our clients hardly had to make any changes to work with us. Only the personal contact has been completely replaced by digital media. With us, business is almost business as usual.

Do you have a favourite track that works for you when working at home?
Right now it is "That Man" from Caro Emerald.

A tip for creatives trying to create good work at home?
Creativity is hard work, not a secret science. Be diligent, don't get distracted, don't let negative thoughts in, don't get stuck in Netflix or on YouTube. Isaac Newton worked out his groundbreaking theories on mathematics and physics in quarantine during the plague!


Interview dated: 01/04/2020
Alina has joined the Cresta Grand Jury for 2020.You can see her bio on our jury page.