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Why are you (not) creative? - Emotional Network

Why are you (not) creative? - Emotional Network - Website


Title of Entry: Why are you (not) creative?
Brand: Emotional Network
Product/Service: Website
Client: Emotional Network
Entrant Company: denkwerk
Sector: N/A
Notes: Briefing
For the last 30 years, Hermann Vaske has been interviewing brilliant people about their creativity: what makes them creative? What hinders their creativity? He just released the second film about his amazing journey. Now, this work of a lifetime needed a website.

As lots of interview answers demonstrate, being creative and being not creative are two sides of the same coin. Like shadow and light. On, off. Up, down. A creative life is about navigating through these ups and downs. That is why this website is all about navigation as well.

Obviously, the website shows interview snippets with insights from creative minds. But not as plain video statements, but as a creative journey itself: Scroll up and you experience a creative insight. Scroll down and you dive into being not creative.

The website hijacks the scrolling mechanic by consisting of two containers – one of them running inverted. When you scroll, the website activates one or the other container, accessing either the pool of creative quotes or the not-creative quotes. That way, it never feels like scrolling up, but rather like switching into a different world.
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