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Offline Hour - Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

Offline Hour - Pizza Hut - Pizza Hut


Title of Entry: Offline Hour
Brand: Pizza Hut
Product/Service: Pizza Hut
Client: Pizza Hut META
Entrant Company: M&C Saatchi UAE
Creative Team: Chief Creative Officer: Ryan Reed
Chief Executive Officer: Scott Feasey
Group Managing Director: Natalie Cooke
Creative Director: Ben Lees
Associate Creative Director: Jason Velasquez Burayag
Art Director: Ben Lees
Art Director: James Swift
Copywriter: Jason Velasquez Burayag
Senior Strategic Planner: Asmaa Ahmed
Developer: Mohammad Dohadwala
Content Producer: Saad Shehzad
Content Producer: Chloe Collins-Cole
Motion Designer: Rami Al Ekhlasi
Head of Production: Leighla McGregor
Account Director: Caroline Wylie
Account Manager: Nadine Inja
Head of Social: Mitch Williams
Social Media Manager: Merrihan El-Shazly
Social Media Executive: Ahmed Taha
Digital Designer: Anoop Ashok
Head of PR: Amy Brill
PR Account Manger: Hanine El Massri
Other Credits: Chief Brand Officer, Pizza Hut META: Beverley D'Cruz
Head of Marketing, Calendar & Communication: Gaurav Sinha
Head of E-commerce, CRM & Loyalty: Srikanth Tirupathi
Brand Manager: Hanna El-Amrawi
Marketing Manager: Nicodemus Rozario
Digital Marketing Manager: Khaled Al-Masri
Sector: N/A
The world loves pizza and Pizza Hut, possibly the world's greatest pizza, wanted to show some love right back. So during Earth Hour, we wanted to participate in a way beyond just switching off the lights because it's kind of hard to eat pizza in the dark.

In the US alone, the networks and data centers that power your social media, messaging services and streaming video consume 8 billion kWh more than household lighting. So instead of turning off the lights, we encouraged people to go offline. We created a website that only works without WiFi or data and little bit of internet sorcery. It asked people to disconnect from the internet for an entire hour to get free pizza and in turn, save up to 12% more energy than switching off the lights.

People visited www.offlinehour.me and were asked to switch off their WiFi or turn on Airplane Mode. Special code was built into the site to detect whether users had an active internet connection or not. Content was preloaded into the browser's cache before people were prompted to switch off their WiFi and/or data. Once people went dark, a countdown timer appeared on the page. Reconnecting your WiFi or data would cause the timer to stop and prompt users to go back offline. And if they managed to get through an entire hour offline, a pizza was coming their way.

- 10,000+ participants during Earth Hour
- 3,200+ combined total hours spent offline
- 7.4+ million people reached
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