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Hit of 1973 - Zlatý Bažant

Hit of 1973 - Zlatý Bažant - beer


Title of Entry: Hit of 1973
Brand: Zlatý Bažant
Product/Service: beer
Client: Zlatý Bažant, Heineken slovakia
Entrant Company: Heineken Slovakia
Creative Team: Agency: MADE BY VACULIK
Creative director: Peter Ižo
Copywriter: Milan Bielik
Art director: Michal Nagy
Account director: Ada Šimšíková
Strategy director: Adam Horecký
Digital strategy planner: Marek Krištof
Digital art director: Martin Schurdák
Digital copywriter: Timea Juríčková
Social media specialist: Mário Lapoš
Other Credits: Production: Hitchhiker Films
Director: Roman Valent
DOP: Tomáš Juríček
Editor: Marek Kráľovský
Production manager: Ivan Hulík, Pavol Kopček, Ján Balážik
Postproduction: Ekran - Peter Košťál
Sound postproduction: Studio K2
Music: Boney M, Fatmusic - Viktor Hazard
Choreography: Laco Cmorej

Client: Heineken Slovensko: Ronald Lupták, Marcel Malý, Peter Tureček, Matej Hargaš
Sector: N/A
Notes: Zlatý Bažant is the most popular beer of the Heineken company in Slovakia. Especially its retro edition beer brewed according to the original recipe from 1973. Our task was to prepare the communication, while the brief said clearly: make an advertisement that fits the beer from 1973, but avoid socialism and negative connotations for the people of Eastern Europe.

What was typical entertainment of the 70's in Eastern Europe? Local remakes of world hits from behind the Iron Curtain! We used this insight to build our communication and created a remake like from 1973.

During the creative process we used all the typical means of TV entertainment of the 70's: styling, costumes, 4:3 format, old cameras, special effects, zoom, cuts on bored cameramen and rigid viewers, the accompanying band…

The hit from 1973 became a huge hit on the internet and a top video on Slovak youtube, for which it also won the Grand Prix at the Youtube Works Awards.

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