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Freeze Frame - Gigantti
Gigantti Business

Freeze Frame - Gigantti - Gigantti Business


Title of Entry: Freeze Frame
Brand: Gigantti
Product/Service: Gigantti Business
Client: Gigantti
Entrant Company: Nord DDB Helsinki
Creative Team: Marketing Director Sami Särkelä
Digital Marketing Team Leader Patrik Järnefelt
Marketing Co-ordinator Oona Nakai
Account Director Lauri Ferrer
Creative Director Kalle Wallin
Copywriter Laura Syväniemi
Art Director Jimi Hyvärinen
Motion Designer Samuel Glithero
Production Art Director Kai Heinonen
Project Director Satu Taipola

Other Credits: Director: Nalle Sjöblad
Executive Producer Marko: Antila
Director Of Photography: Daniel Lindholm
Chief Executive Officer: Mikko Rosvall
Production Manager: Maiju Laaksalo
Media agency Client Director: Tommi Partanen
Media agency Strategist: Janne Haussila
Media agency Activation Manager: Anni Hakala
Media agency Broadcast Specialist: Juho Kainulainen
Media agency Digital Media Specialist: Tuomas Volanen
Sector: N/A
Notes: Gigantti Business answers extensively to corporate customers’ needs, offering products ranging from computers and electronics to intelligent boardroom technology as well as a wide range of support and services. Demand for office solutions to enable more functional video meetings has been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic.
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