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Title of Entry: This is Quitting
Brand: truth
Product/Service: truth
Client: truth
Entrant Company: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Creative Team: Creative Director: Nate Virnig
Sr Writer: Julian Green
Sr Designer: Wyatt Hunt
Strategy Director: Marc Pardy
Strategy Director: Malek Draoui
Comms Strategy Director: Greg White
Senior Social Strategist: Renee Vafa
Brand Director: Megan Russell
Senior Brand Manager: Danielle Rivera
Executive Producer: Carlin Wilson-Webb
Other Credits: Client Advertiser: truth
Chief Executive Officer and President: Robin Koval
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer: Eric Asche
SVP, Marketing & Media Investment: Nicole Dorrler
SVP Strategy: RG Logan
Managing Director, Marketing: Tia Taffer
Notes: In just a few years, hundreds of thousands of young people have gotten hooked on JUUL. To fight back, truth had to make the act of quitting feel just as thrilling, rebellious, and social as JUULing itself. Enter, "Ditch JUUL." – a launch campaign for truth's new text-to-quit-vaping service designed to make saying goodbye to vaping feel like a massive, can't-miss party of JUUL destruction.

We kicked off the party where no public health brand had been before: TikTok. We created our own #ThisIsQuitting Challenge that encouraged young people to destroy their JUULs in the most creative ways they could imagine – from blasting them with a super soaker to using magic tricks to make them “disappear” to crushing them with a jump on a skateboard.

This is Quitting weaponized social media to make would-be quitters feel like they were not alone in starting their quitting journey.

The campaign drove 6.8 million social engagements and gained national attention with $16 million in earned media in outlets like PEOPLE, PopSugar, and Cheddar – garnering 368 million campaign views in the first three days.

This Is Quitting got noticed in youth culture. The campaign generated:
6.8 million social engagements
$16 million in earned media
368 million campaign views in the first three days
12.9 billion UGC views on TikTok

We made quitting popular and cool to get in on.
After seeing our campaign…
61% more young people agreed that “Young people are quitting vaping.”
2x more reported they’re thinking about quitting within the next six months.

We drove people to sign up for TiQ. Nearly 200,000 new TiQ sign-ups in the six months following our campaign.

Most importantly, we helped young people beat addiction. While the data is preliminary, 60% of those who signed up reported vaping less or not at all after two weeks. Not only did our marketing impact culture — it helped change lives.

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