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Rising Time - Trojan Brand Condoms
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Rising Time - Trojan Brand Condoms - Trojan Brand Condoms


Title of Entry: Rising Time
Brand: Trojan Brand Condoms
Product/Service: Trojan Brand Condoms
Client: Church & Dwight
Entrant Company: 72andSunny New York
Creative Team: Executive Creative Director: Bryan Rowles
Group Creative Director: Nick Kaplan
Creative Director: Peter Hughes
Creative Director: Geno Burmester
Art Director/Creative Team: Anne Marie Wonder,
Copywriter/Creative Team: Emily Hovis
Design Director: Frank Dresme
Group Brand Director: Scott Balalas
Brand Manager: Charlotte Peter
Director of Production: Lora Schulson
Jr Producer: Caitlin Culhane
Sr Strategist: Justine Basil
Strategy Director: Sidney Henne
Other Credits: Clients:
Vice President of Marketing: Bruce Weiss
Global Marketing Executive: Eileen Hsu
Senior Associate Brand Manager: Elizabeth Slenker
Brand Manager: Kate Szelingiewicz
Associate Brand Manager: Stephanie Gelband
Sector: N/A
Notes: At the peak of lockdown in March, people were keeping busy with all types of activities (bread baking up 37%), but there was one activity everyone forgot about: sex. Only 8% of couples were having more sex. To encourage couples to have sex (with Trojan condoms), we hijacked the biggest quarantine trend at the time: bread baking.

We created Rising Time. A 69-page sexually suggestive bread cookbook with the sole purpose of reminding couples to have more sex. Each bread recipe’s rising time—a step where you let the bread rest—urges couples to use this break as the perfect opportunity to have sex. Some of the recipes were inspired by modern American pop culture references in an effort to connect with Trojan’s young audience. Not only was it the first cookbook published by a condom brand, it was the first to turn Amazon’s kindle marketplace into a sexy new media channel.

Every line of the 69 page cookbook was crafted with one goal in mind: getting sex on couples’ minds. While each of the 25 different recipes produces a mouth watering bread bursting with flavor, the real flavor is in the writing. The titles are sexually suggestive spins on classic bread varieties like “Ryed That D,” “Sourd’ohhhhhhh,” and “Big Babka Energy.” The directions are sprinkled with sexy tips, and anytime a recipe tells you to let your dough “rise,” it is immediately followed by a very explicit direction of what to do with your lover while the dough is rising. Even the sections of the book are based in innuendo with the cookbook being divided into three sections based on how long the recipes take to make: “Quickies,” “Afternoon Delights,” and “All Nighters.”

To view the book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J6_pKmB-ydPcT6hFvBkzZwJ4K6p1l8Qn/view
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