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Microplastic Journey - Merck KGaA
RonaFlair® Functional Fillers

Microplastic Journey - Merck KGaA - RonaFlair® Functional Fillers


Title of Entry: Microplastic Journey
Brand: Merck KGaA
Product/Service: RonaFlair® Functional Fillers
Client: Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Entrant Company: Fork Unstable Media GmbH
Creative Team: Creative Director: Paul Taggart
Creatives: Alexander Gradl, Laura Zabel
Agency Producer: Lina Rieckel
Account Executive: Carl-Jochen Reinhardt
Other Credits: Production Company: RadicalMedia
Director: Quentin van den Bossche
DOP: James Medcraft
Editor: Ben Corfield
Production Design: Emma Winter
Producer: Elliott Tagg
Executive Producers: Emily Rudge, Ben Schneider
Sector: N/A
Notes: Challenge & Brief:
Despite partial bans and tighter regulations, the cosmetic and personal care industry is still a major contributor of microplastic to the environment. Brief: highlight the many ecosystems and lifeforms affected by the spread of microplastic, and invite global business audiences to discover Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany’s microplastic-free alternatives for the production of cosmetic and personal care products.

The film follows a microplastic particle on a dizzying point-of-view trip to the human food chain. Navigating drains, waterways, wildlife, and fishing nets, the film combines chaos and calm to tell a poignant, sensory story. To inspire change at manufacturing level, the film uses challenging perspectives and bold transitions to give audiences a tiny perspective of a big environmental issue.

To recreate the movements of a microplastic particle in various environments, the cinematography drifts and floats in a light, free-flowing fashion. This buoyant navigation allows the camera to effortlessly stick to (and detach from) different surfaces. Shot mainly
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