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The most CO2-friendly route - Neste

The most CO2-friendly route - Neste - Renewables


Title of Entry: The most CO2-friendly route
Brand: Neste
Product/Service: Renewables
Client: Neste
Entrant Company: hasan & partners oy
Creative Team: Creative Director: Tobias Wacker
Creative strategist: Olessia Kozlova
Executive Producer: Marc Stevenson
Graphic Designer: Henna Siitonen
Data planner: Pekka Haimi
Public Relations: Saara Torri
Project Manager: Marika Rönkkö
Other Credits: Client: Mika Hyötyläinen
Client: Tytti Stranding
Client: Hanna Leijala
Sector: N/A
Notes: We discovered that the majority of navigation softwares suggest the fastest route by default, but not the most CO₂-friendly one. Thus, by choosing the most CO2-friendly route drivers can save millions of tons of CO2 emissions. In order to turn this finding into an initiative and norm, we created a strategic partnership with other partners – this took us one year. We gathered over 50 000 data points from the streets of Helsinki through OBD-readers installed in drivers' cars. The data was analyzed by VTT via multiparameter analysis. HERE Technologies and PTV Group used machine learning to further scale the data and simulate the effect on traffic emissions. By using AI we managed to scale the results and show the possible impact of the CO2-friendly route. Harnessing AI for problem-solving and dramatization was crucial in gaining the attention the subject needs.
We opened these findings to everyone to see.
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