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Tencent WE Summit

MICRO UNIVERSE - Tencent - Tencent WE Summit


Title of Entry: MICRO UNIVERSE
Brand: Tencent
Product/Service: Tencent WE Summit
Client: Tencent
Entrant Company: Tencent
Creative Team: 1. General Manager: Vincent Li

2. Executive Creative Director: Akae Wang

3. Copywriter: Zita Zou

4. Art Director : Ivy Huang

5. Art Director : Dong Xie

6. Art Director: Sonja Xu

7. Copywriter: Ahjan Huang

8. Agency Producer: Ahjan Huang

9. Brand Director : Hunter Zhang

10. Project Director: Nichole Yu

11. Project Manager: Junhao Ma

12. Executive Producer: Katherine Lee

13. Digital Producer: Roy Zhang

14. Creative Director: Nando Correa

15. Creative Designer: Addie Hao

16. 3D Artist: Florian DKS

17. 3D Modeler: Kosta Lagis

18. Front End Developer: Ethan Chiu

19. Front End Developer: YiWen Lin
Sector: N/A
Notes: Every year the greatest minds in science gather at Tencent’s WE Summit. In this year, the theme was 'everything has its own micro-universe'. We created an online experience, allowing attendees and the audience at home to explore the micro-universe all around them.

From a photo on the users‘ mobile phone, we created a unique, generative, ever-evolving micro-universe that carries the colorful “DNA” of the object. Users were able to interact with each micro-universe and save a digital poster for WeChat moments.

The work was designed from scratch, from each page layout, micro-universe to each button,icon. We’ve also created many base micro-universes, by changing the movement, speed, moving range, we are able to make every user’s universe unique and different. We also brought the micro-universe gallery to the event itself... allowing everyone to explore others’ micro-universe in real-time.
With people’s sharing, our experience had a great success. This experience has reached 8 million users and generated 1.5 million unique views of over 500 thousand micro-universe.
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