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Return Of The Goat II - New World Order - YT Industries
Visual Effects

Return Of The Goat II - New World Order - YT Industries - Visual Effects


Title of Entry: Return Of The Goat II - New World Order
Brand: YT Industries
Product/Service: Visual Effects
Client: YT Industries/SHIFT Active Media
Entrant Company: Absolute
Creative Team: Created by: YT Industries
Written by: Andreas John, Markus Flossmann, Otto Bathurst, Toby Leslie

Agency: SHIFT Active Media
Executive Creative Director: Matt Doman
Business Director: James Dando
Agency Producer: Ben Catford
Agency Producer: Tom Bowes

Other Credits: Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Otto Bathurst
Producer: Claire Jones
Executive Producers: Otto Bathurst, Toby Leslie, Fergus Brown
Director of Photography: Jallo Faber
Casting Director: Theo Park
Casting Assistant: Maisie Buck
Editor: Andrew Hulme
Edit Assistant: Kurosh Shabany
Production Manager: Luca Chapman

Slovenia Production Company: Division Film
Executive Producer: Rok Bukovec
Line Producer: Rok Luneznik
Production Manager: Urska Vardijan
Head of Production: Kangjing Qiu
Production Coordinator: Ida Uran
Production Assistant: Ales Pajnic

Colour: Absolute
VFX: Absolute
Additional Edit: Absolute

VFX Supervisor: James Coore
Storyboard Artist: Sean Donaldson
Concept Artist: Ran Manolov, Pedro de la Puente
Colour: Matt Turner
CFX Artists: Ameen Abbas, Craig Healy, Ahmed Ghazy
CG Artists: James Coore, Guliz Demiray, Sersha Lawrence, Ameen Abbas, Craig Healy, Ollie Grant, Matt Lowery, Dan Baiton, Matt Burn
2D Lead: Scott Simmonds
2D Artists: Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Gustavo Ribeiro, Lucas Warren, Chris Tobin, Chris Chitty, Katie Rhodes
Graphics: William Smith, Lawrence Scanlon
Editors: Tom Boucher, Thomas Higgins
Executive Producer: Danny Duke
Producers: Dale Amanda Heron, Matt Supersad

Sound Design: Wave Studios
Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer: Jack Sedgwick
Assistant Sound Editor: Jack Patterson
Executive Sound Producer: Rebecca Boswell
Sector: N/A
Notes: With a shot count of 90, ROTG II was Absolute's biggest project to date. The visual effects within the film were super extensive, including subtleties such as augmentation of fur, screen comps, eye replacement, grade and beauty clean-up.

But the metamorphosis of man-to-goat and turning a limestone quarry into the Utah desert were particularly complex post-production processes. The former allowed Absolute's CG team to solidify the groom and creature FX pipelines. Being on set to monitor the cinematography and performance of the transformation sequence was incredibly useful.

Absolute used a cloth simulation in Houdini to successfully ‘tear’ the actor’s face away and reveal the goat beneath, working to a particular style of animation briefed in by the client and using a complex rig with both goat and human elements. As always, remote working brings its own challenges and passing this kind of detailed data between parties can be complex, but our Modeler, Rigger, Animator, CFX artists and Groom Artist did an amazing job in keeping communication clear throughout. The scene was shot in an amazing cavern-like wine cellar, which ran under the town of Maribor, Slovenia. We took a lot of survey data, HDR panoramas and lidar scans of this incredible place, so that we could accurately recreate the environment in CG and produce believable lighting.

The team also utilised CG, alongside DMPs, to create set extensions and turn a quarry into the Utah desert for the hero title shot sequence. The title shot itself was so dramatic – a real money shot with a dynamic camera move, so we didn’t want to overshadow it with the surrounding environment. In the end, we found just the right balance between believability and brilliance.

Otto and the team completely trusted Absolute to develop their vision; really championing us to push the boundaries.

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