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Change The Story - Save The Children

Change The Story - Save The Children - Charity


Title of Entry: Change The Story
Brand: Save The Children
Product/Service: Charity
Client: Save The Children Norway
Entrant Company: POL
Creative Team: Account Director: Petter Bryde
Copywriter: Rikke Sofie Jacobsen
Art Director: Anette Bellika Finnanger
Art Director: Sara Marie Hødnebø
Account Manager: Shirin Marlene
Designer: Pia Lystad

Production Company: Fantefilm
Director: Marius Holst
Producer: Hugo Hagemann Føsker
Co-Producer: Tor Markus Iden
Other Credits: Client: Linn Clausen
Client: Klaus Damlien
Notes: Please see the Vimeo link for case video. (password: poloslo)

Background and insight:
The winter season is a matter of life or death for homeless children around the world. As a yearly Christmas campaign Save the Children Norway sets out to warm as many children as possible. Unfortunately, after six years, they saw a decreasing interest in the campaign.

Even though people know that children are living under inhuman conditions, people are generally hesitant to donate money. A survey done by Save the Children shows that one of the barriers is that people can't see what their donation goes to. In addition, when the problem seems too distant people are generally more likely to turn away and be glad that it's not them, even though they know they should help.

The fact that children around the world still are freezing to death in 2020, is really something of the past.

The idea:
We made one main film about the Little Match Girl, set in 2020. The film was 90 seconds long and it was heavily aired on TV the five weeks up to Christmas. Even though we had changed the storyline to tell the story in a way that felt plausible today, it was important to make people recognize the story as The Little Match Girl*, because in the end we encouraged people to donate money to change the ending of the story. If you sent a sms donation you would get a thank you sms back, with a new happier ending to the story.

Online we did the same thing through socia lmedia, mainly Facebook and Youtube, where you could choose to buy different items to warm her, these had different amounts and different endings. Such as warming her with a blanket, give her warm shoes or a warm place to sleep.

* About The Little Match Girl:
The Little Match Girl is a Christmas story written in 1845 by H.C Andersen. It's about a girl that tries to keep herself warm by lighting up matches that she was suppose to sell. In the end she is found dead, frozen to death.

Save the Children recruited 1800 new monthly givers.

The online film raised 21% more compared to last year.

And last but not least we raised 27 345 000 kroners,
warming 124 295 freezing children. (Total 3,211,339 USD - target 2,616,647. USD)

The campaign managed to revive a concept that has been going on for several years with decreasing interest and donations. It was also awarded one of the most popular TVC's in Norway by the Norwegian population.
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