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The Angry Santa - Norwegian Postal Service
Postal Service

The Angry Santa - Norwegian Postal Service - Postal Service


Title of Entry: The Angry Santa
Brand: Norwegian Postal Service
Product/Service: Postal Service
Client: Norwegian Postal Service
Entrant Company: POL
Creative Team: Copywriter: Rikke Sofie Jacobsen
Art Director: Sara Marie Hødnebø
Art Director: Anette Bellika Finnanger
Account Director: Marius Eriksen
Acccount Manager: Kristin Eidsø Branzeg Scheele

Production Company: Bacon OSLO
Directors: Mathias & Matias
Producer: Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg
Photograoher: Andreas Bjorseth
Other Credits: Cilent: Monica Solberg
Client: Hege Barbara Aarhus
Notes: Please see Vimeo link for case film. (Password: poloslo)

Posten Norge (The Norwegian Postal service), is a 350-year-old brand and one of Norway’s oldest. Despite the brands old age, Posten, is still being awarded as one of the most innovative brands in Norway, something that most people don’t know, even though Posten continuously is improving and innovating services, products logistics and new, faster and more sustainable ways to deliver post.

But for most people Posten is just the traditional, old postal service – our task is to change this perception, specifically to the youngest part of the population (18-35 year olds).

The brief was to make a campaign that could get PR abroad and domestic, with a TVC as the main campaign element. A film with a corny twist on Christmas (to follow up on last years campaign). We were asked to make a film that would chock people, but not offend.

The script was written to get the attention of the media, drawing parallels to hot topics in the media, like "Trump", "old-fashioned-out dated-angry-white-men", "climate change", "midlife crisis" and a dash of "me too".

The film was carefully executed to balance these cultural phenomenons, in order for the film to get media attention but at the same time preserve and gain the liking of Postens target group.

NB: Keep in mind: This was before the capitol storming

Insight and idea:
Trump is an unusually unpopular person among young adults in Norway. He is seen as a clown with a lot of power, and represents everything that is wrong with "older, powerful men" including prejudice, climate denial and also racism.

In other words, the complete opposite of innovation and inclusion that Posten stands for. To mirror Postens innovative traits, we turned to Santa Claus, a traditionalist who hasn't changed for a hundreds years. We decided to portray Santa as a man who doesn't like change, loves his glory days when "everything was allowed", and that doesn't believe in climate change. A Santa that could remind you a little bit of a certain ex-president. In this holyday ad, Santa was a grumpy, desperate and depressed man, because Postens innovative delivery systems had made him out of business. But in the end Posten was still the hero, making Santa remember that he still can work side by side with the enemy - Posten.

• PR reach world wide: 285 349 500 people.
• 89% of the target group saw and liked our campaign.
• Twitter reach: approximately 100 million people.
• Sender id (in target audience) went from 65%-81%.
• Post test showed that "The Christmas campaign, establishes to a large extend a positive and innovative image for The Norwegian Postal Service"
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