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Meltdown Flags - METER Environment - METER Group


Title of Entry: Meltdown Flags
Brand: METER Environment
Product/Service: METER Group
Client: METER Group
Creative Team: Global Chief Creative Officer: Alex Schill
Chief Creative Officer Germany: Matthias Harbeck
Executive Creative Director: Franz Röppischer & Lorenz Langgartner
VP Marketing: Christian Hertel
CEO: Scott Campbell
General Manager: Sandra Loibl
Senior Art Director: Jan-Martin Hopf
Account Management: Martin Rackel & Julia Nicolaisen
Art Director: Eduardo Alvarez
Creative Director: Therese Stüssel
Creative: Saurabh Kakade
Copywriter: Sandra Valencia
Junior Art Director: Kai West Schlosser & Thao Vu
Intern Account Management: Leonie Casper
Account Executive: Clara Illán
Design Director & Coder: Maximilian Heitsch
Coder: Sebastian Haiss & Niklas May
Designer: Gabriela Baka & Marco Kawan
Creative Coder: Daniel Kuhnlein
Digital Director: Dieter Pries
Senior Production Manager: Karin Schmitz
Executive Producer: Lipa Lizaso
Producer: Gabo Gertner
Production Assistant: Yaiza Ríos España
Second Production Assistant: Santiago García Suarez
Director: Diego Llorente Aguilera
Camera Operator: Jairo González Pérez
Second Camera Operator: Cristina Campos
Photographer: Federico Gutierrez Lopez
Lenticular Artist: Hussein El Rayess
Creative Media Manager: Lukas Pachoinig & Sabrina Duchow
General Manager: Britta Tronke
Executive Creative Director: Michael Wilk
Senior Motion Designer: Dennis Fritz
Senior Art Director: Michael Lux & Stephan Westerwelle
Junior Copywriter: Laura Bergler
Other Credits: Additional Advertising Agency: SERVICEPLAN SPAIN
Film Production Company: Veni.tv
Digital Design Studio: Moby Digg
Additional Digital Design Studio: Standardabweichung
Digital Development Studio: Hyperinteractive
Glaciers supply 69% of the world’s freshwater. They are the source of energy and drinking water for 1.6+ Billion. But they are rapidly vanishing.
METER has helped document glacier retreat for decades, yet most people are not aware of how it affects them: complete meltdown would raise sea level drastically, changing our countries irreversibly.

Meltdown Flags is a climate data initiative that visualizes global glacier retreat, by reducing the color white in flags of countries with glaciers.

From 1995, year of the first UN Climate Change Conference, to present day, until 2050, the point of no return for glaciers.

Meltdown Flags launched at the COP25 protests in Madrid.

Each flag uses data to show the states of meltdown of its country. Data was obtained from projection models and databases from METER, UNESCO, WGMS, NASA, and the universities of Zurich and Innsbruck.

Online, visitors could access further information, offset their carbon footprint, download and buy the flags, and share their message with a type generator.

The Meltdown AR filter let people interact with the flags in an exhibition, now at the Messner Mountain Museum. In classrooms, the filter was used in schoolbooks to learn more about glacier retreat.

Since their launch, Meltdown Flags have been adopted as a symbol of protest and education, by organizations in France, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Mexico and Iceland.

The initiative has gathered support from 152+ million people across 73 countries, including activists and scientists, from world-renown mountaineer Reinhold Messner to glaciologist Dr. Heïdi Sevestre, and Fundación Glaciares Chilenos in Chile. Glacier protection is now sought to be included into the Chilean constitution.
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